Meritor opens regional service hub in Singapore


Distribution company Meritor has opened a new ASEAN Aftermarket Distribution and Customer Service Center in Singapore.

The Singapore facility is another expansion of the company's aftermarket footprint, by which commercial vehicle customers are serviced and supplied by a growing footprint of aftermarket distribution centers. Other facilities have opened recently in India, China and Australia that will all be managed by the Singapore headquarters.

The facility is also an integral part of the company's recent launch into an aftermarket-based, third-party multiple logistics business called Meritor Logistics, which offers customer support, core consolidation, remanufacturing and consulting services, as well as packaging and kitting, material planning, warehousing, distribution.

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Dimension Data New Zealand has deployed a Microsoft Private Cloud to allow Education New Zealand better service its students and market New Zealand education internationally.

The new solution that focuses on securely improving the user experience of Education New Zealand's globally spread employees, giving them better tools to be more effective and productive when recruiting students, or pursuing opportunities for New Zealand institutions to educate students offshore. "Dimension Data's deployment of Microsoft Private Cloud will put Education New Zealand in a position where it can be more competitive within the global market, giving its marketing staff around the world access to more tools to be more productive and efficient in a secure manner," said Dimension Data New Zealand's Nick Halikias.

Education New Zealand chose the hybrid cloud model, which utilises both on-premise and cloud-based solutions dedicated solely to the organisation. The solution will deliver more effective mail messaging, data applications, web solutions, as well as back-end infrastructure and services. "The hybrid model has the flexibility of having a fit for purpose on-premise solution, balanced with the cost-efficiencies of the cloud," said Halikias. more

Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines has upgraded its customer service by offering new services to travellers after renewing and extending its agreement with travel technology company Amadeus.

Hainan Airlines renewed its Amadeus e-Retail agreement to power global online sales, and has signed up for Amadeus e-Personalise and Award Shopper to deliver online shopping. Also the e-Personalise solution tracks user behaviour and offer bespoke recommendations and access to a range of travel options based on the context of the user.

The e-Retail platform enables customers across the world to book their tickets in more than 30 languages. In addition, Amadeus Award Shopper means customers can redeem their frequent flyer miles online and also buy tickets using a combination of miles and cash. more

Ericsson selected to deliver new core network for future services

Wednesday 20 August, 2014: Vodafone has announced it is completely modernising and consolidating its core network with Ericsson, allowing it to utilise the world's most technologically advanced telecommunications infrastructure.

Vodafone's new core network will offer greater network agility and flexibility, create cost efficiencies, and enable the introduction of new LTE (4G) services. Among these will be the introduction of Voice over 4G (also known as VoLTE), which the company will launch in 2015 following trials later this year.

"The current 4G networks primarily focus on providing faster data services. Customers have rapidly adopted 4G smartphones, which offer very fast data speeds. But no Australian network is offering voice calls on its 4G network, and our new core network will enable us to do that," said Vodafone Chief Technology Officer Benoit Hanssen.

Last month, Vodafone said its 4G network would reach 95 per cent of Australia's metropolitan population by the end of 2014 by utilising its low-band 850MHz spectrum holding.

"With our enhanced indoor 4G coverage and voice calls on the same network, our customers will feel the difference. The call audio quality will be high definition, and call connection times will be significantly shorter," said Mr Hanssen.

"In other words, there will be virtually no time lag between the customer pressing the call button and the call being connected when they are using 4G."

Part of Vodafone's multi-billion network investment

Today's announcement is part of the multi-billion dollar investment the company is making in improving its network and customer experience.

The five-year network evolution program will also see Vodafone adopting Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) in the core network which will provide greater network agility and flexibility and create cost efficiencies.

"Vodafone is the first operator in Australia to commit to this technology in its core network, meaning we will have one of the most advanced networks in the world," said Mr Hanssen.

"It cements Vodafone's reputation as one of the world leaders in mobile network technology."

"Our customers will be the big winners as Vodafone will have an even more reliable and resilient network – for them, it will simply mean an even better customer experience."

Ericsson says network will deliver greater performance, efficiency

Head of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand, Håkan Eriksson, said his team is ready to work with Vodafone to create an even better service for its customers. "Vodafone will have world's leading technology in their core network which will enable it to deliver greater network reliability, performance and efficiency," he said. more

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