Contact Centre Optimisation & Establishment

With deep expertise in the contact centre industry and over 15 years of industry benchmarking data, Fifth Quadrant has assisted many clients to optimise their multi-channel contact centre operations to improve efficiency, effectiveness and the customer experience.

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  • Data analysis: analysis of raw data related to customer interactions, service efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Operational Capability Assessment: interviews with key stakeholders and employees to assess people, process, technology capabilities
  • Performance Benchmarking: Over 120 data points benchmarked in comparison to industry vertical, similar sized contact centres and the wider industry in areas, including:
    • Strategy
    • Contact Centre Operating Model
    • Operating Budget & Revenue Generation
    • Multi-Channel Capability
    • People and HR Capability
    • Operational Process and Practice
    • Technology and Telephony Capability
    • Performance measures and metrics

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!

  • Current and validated performance against all criteria under review
  • Identification of areas of good performance that should be continued
  • Identification of areas of poorer performance
  • Quantification of inefficiency and ineffectiveness
  • Comparison of performance with other organisations or segments
  • Detailed recommendations to improve efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience in the following areas:
    • Strategy
    • People and HR
    • Process
    • Technology
    • Workforce Optimisation & Performance
    • Quality Assurance & Customer Experience Measurement
    • Reporting and Analytics
  • A Road Map for Implementation

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!


Fifth Quadrant contact centres

Fifth Quadrant has deep expertise in the establishment of best practice customer service and sales contact centre operations. 
Our approach will typically include the following key stages as outlined here in this Strategic and Operational Review plan.

The design and establishment phase of the program will include a work-stream based approach to include the following table; 

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!

Call centre training

Fifth Quadrant offers a comprehensive suite of training courses specifically tailored to the customer experience industry at Leadership, Team Manager and frontline levels. Our customer experience training programs differ from other providers in that our content development includes Fifth Quadrant's own research and benchmarking data and best practice models and case studies. Our delivery mediums include face to face, webinar or online.

Our role specific development customer experience training programs includes the following courses:

  • Contact Centre Team Manager
  • Workforce Management – Basic and Advanced
  • Quality Monitoring and Assurance

Our Frontline Training Programs includes the following courses:

  • Frontline Fundamentals
  • Sales Training

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!


Penrith City Council


CQU (Central Queensland University)


Lifeline Australia


McWilliams Wines


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