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SocialServe™ - Social Media as a Customer Service Channel

Fifth Quadrant takes pride in being one of the leading social media consultants. There are now six major channels that consumers may use to interact with organisations: contact centre, face-to-face, correspondence, online, mobile and most recently, social media.

Although most organisations use social media as a public relations and marketing channel, only recently have both private and public organisations started to investigate the use of social media as a customer service channel.

Fifth Quadrant's global research shows that by the end of 2015 Social Media will be the second most active customer service channel next to voice.

The major driver for consumers to interact with organisations through social media is the expectation that enquiries or complaints will be dealt with efficiently and transparently due to their public nature. The low levels of effort required by consumers to interact with organisations through this channel acts as a compounding factor in the growing popularity of this new service channel.

Organisations with comprehensive Social Service Strategies will benefit from the social media channel in the following ways:

  1. Increased revenue: New sales opportunities can be identified through social media service channels
  2. Reduced operating costs: Agents can engage with multiple customers at one time thus decreasing the cost associated with each interaction as well as diverting customers from more expensive channels such as voice
  3. Innovation: Organisations are able to design innovative products and new services based on consumer demand and crowdsourcing
  4. Brand enhancement: An effective Social Media service channel will differentiate an organisation from its competitors through demonstrating progressiveness, authenticity, living brand values, giving consumers control and offering them a low effort channel for contact
  5. Decreased customer churn: Organisations can identify and engage dissatisfied customers prior to them defecting

Although many organisations have identified the need for a Social Service Channel less than 20% have successfully integrated Social Media into existing service operations (Fifth Quadrant Service Industry Technology Report 2012). A major reason for this is the lack of best practice surrounding the use of Social Service and the development of effective Social Media Risk Strategies. Organisations with no detailed strategy for dealing with the inevitable increase in social media interactions will find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

As one of the leading social media consultants, Fifth Quadrant has exhaustively researched the global consumer market and Customer Service Industry with regard to Social Service demand and successful deployment. Based on this research and validation of best practice we have developed a model for the design and operationalisation of Social Service Strategy. We call this model SocialServe™.

Key initiatives involved in the development of Social Service Strategy include the following:

  1. Strategic Plan and Channel Alignment
  2. Social Media Process Design
  3. Risk Assessment and Crisis Management Planning
  4. Technology Enablement including Knowledge Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Social Media Metrics and Reporting

Using SocialServe™, Fifth Quadrant is able to work with your organisation to design a Social Service Strategy that will increase customer engagement, build communities, drive sales, enhance your brand and provide more efficient service to your customers. Fifth Quadrant also delivers a complete roadmap for the implementation of the strategy and works with your organisation to make it operational. Fifth Quadrant is also able to provide comprehensive training programs for Executives and frontline employees responsible for social media.

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