The Responsible AI Index 

Only 8pc of Australian companies have a mature approach to Responsible AI – where is your organisation at?

Fifth Quadrant, Ethical AI Advisory and Gradient Institute have partnered to create the inaugural Responsible AI Index, sponsored by IAG and Telstra.

The Index identifies that fewer than one in 10 Australian-based organisations believe they are mature in their approach to deploying responsible and ethical AI.

Responsible AI is designed and developed with a focus on ethical, safe, transparent, and accountable use of AI technology, in line with fair human, societal and environmental values. It is critical in ensuring the ethical and appropriate application of AI technology, which is the fastest growing technology sector in the world, currently valued at US$327.5bn (IDC 2021).

The 2021 Australian Responsible AI Index Wouldn't be possible without the help of IAG and Telstra