The Responsible AI Index 

 Executive Summary

Does your organisation have a strategy for the development of AI that is tied to your wider business strategy?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has huge potential to improve Australians’ well-being, the economy and society. However, the powerful outcomes that can be delivered by AI have to be weighed against considerations around the potential harms it may cause, not limited to personal privacy, algorithmic biases and issues of justice.

A lack of regulation, legislation and guidelines to monitor AI’s development and use increases the risks that AI is developed without a true understanding of responsibility, potentially creating negative outcomes for individuals, society and the environment. AI technology maturity is years ahead of legislation or regulation of AI, therefore organisations should turn to frameworks and guidelines as well as ethical leadership to guide them through.Download the Executive Summary

In this context, Fifth Quadrant, Ethical AI Advisory and Gradient Institute partnered to create the inaugural Responsible AI Index, sponsored by IAG and Telstra.

After you've had a look at the Responsible AI Index Executive Summary above, don't forget to check out the main Responsilbe AI Index page for other resources and to learn more about the research.

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Steve Nuttall
Director - Fifth Quadrant

Steve Nuttall heads up Fifth Quadrant’s customer experience research and insights team. He has more than 25 years working in various senior roles advising blue chip organisations and agencies across Europe, Asia and Australia.


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