Bold360: Achieving Harmony Between Bots & Humans - Webinar


The Optimised Customer Experience - Achieving Harmony Between Bots & Humans

Thursday 15 March beginning at 11am ADST

Many Australian contact centres are striving to improve customer experiences by implementing technology that both optimises agent performance and delivers a more customer centric offering.

Bots represent a new opportunity to make agents more productive and deliver better customer outcomes, and Australian organisations are realising this - with 14% expecting to introduce chatbots in 2018 compared to just 2% in 2017 (source: Fifth Quadrant 2018 Contact Centre Benchmark Report). So what does this mean when it comes to how chatbots can exist alongside contact centre staff? 

Join Ryan Lester, Marketing Director, Customer Engagement & Support Bold360 and Dr Steve Nuttall, Research Director Fifth Quadrant.

Steve Nuttall Ryan Lester

Steve Nuttall
Head of Customer
Experience Research
Fifth Quadrant

Ryan Lester
Marketing Director
Customer Engagement
& Support

Key Take-Aways

  • How bringing chatbots and humans together can provide benefits for both customers and contact centre agents
  • Recent research about chatbot adoption in Australian contact centres
  • When to handover from chatbots to humans in order to maintain a seamless customer experience


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