Bold360: Using AI to Achieve an Exceptional EX

Can AI Change The Employee Experience?

AI has been positioned as a game changing technology that enables companies to deliver better experiences across the entire customer journey. The impact of AI on the employee experience has often been ignored or reduced to a zero sum game of machines replacing human labour. In practice, AI has the potential to augment human skills - not replace them - and to remove operational inefficiencies freeing up agents to be more strategic. 

Join Steve Nuttall, Fifth Quadrant and Ross Haskell, Bold360 in this webinar as they consider the many ways AI can be harnessed to create exceptional employee experiences, optimise employee productivity and improve your company’s bottom line.

Key Take-aways:

  • Why employee-facing AI is the next big wave
  • How to build a company culture around AI
  • How AI can increase agent utilisation rates, and reduce the cost to serve whilst increasing customer satisfaction