3 Emerging Technologies Will Push CX to the Next Level

Organisations for whom optimizing customer experience (CX) is a key priority, there is good news in the form of emerging technologies that promise to take CX to the next level. Here is a discussion of the three that CIOs have on their radar.

Natural language

Put simply, natural language improves customer-organisation interactions using natural conversational language. It is considered a game changer in CX, moving away from IVR (interactive voice response) which customer research reveals doesn’t deliver a positive customer experience.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) applies linguistic and statistical algorithms to text in order to extract meaning in a way similar to how the human brain understands language. It identifies words and grammar to deduce meaning in vast amounts of text.

Organisations have the opportunity to use NLP to transcribe and automatically analyze customer call recordings, from telephonic market research and service calls to after-call surveys for in-depth customer assessments. NLP has reinvented the traditional view of self-service. Virtual agents are already learning from terabytes of data to provide relevant and contextual responses instantly with the same degree of accuracy as a live agent in a call centre. Organisations are experimenting with digital concierge services where digital agents help customers answer questions or complete tasks.

Internet of things

IoT connected devices enable faster customer insights. Organisations can, among other advantages, gain a better understanding of customer demographics.

IoT will necessitate a perspective shift for organisations, that have so far, viewed the sale as the culmination of the customer relationship. Now, the emphasis will shift to the customer interaction with the product/service post-sale, helping glean valuable insights on bettering customer engagement and experience. 

Data from connected devices can refine organisations’ predictions about customer preferences. This, in turn, is useful in creating targeted messaging aimed at individual segments of the customer base.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology is an example of the Internet of Things (IoT), forming part of the network of physical objects embedded with software, electronics and sensors that enable exchange of data without requiring human intervention. The healthcare sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries of wearable technology. Wearables platforms are helping patients engage their care team, and providing physicians updated information from representatives, and helping them stay in tune with industry changes. Wearable technology offers opportunities to harness health data from patients, employees and consumers to improve service delivery and experience.

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