4 Outcomes of Customer Experience Technology

As organisations understand that customer experience is a critical basis for competitive differentiation, they can be expected to increase their investment in CX technology.  With the arc of customer expectations continuing to rise, organisations have started investing in CX technologies at a rapid pace. The customer outcomes of CX technologies cannot be ignored, and as such, failing to invest even in foundational solutions that lay a groundwork for transition to transformatory customer models, can weaken competitiveness.

A personalised customer experience

Organisations need to create a culture that empowers employees to have conversations and develop relationships with their customers. An important aspect in this regard is to assist customers with their queries in the shortest possible time. Mobile apps and social media can be crucial to this effort. In fact, even something as basic as providing employees mobile devices to serve customers can support customer experience goals. Mobile access to personalised, relevant and intelligent information can transform customer engagement. Retailers, in particular, can leverage mobile devices to seamlessly connect online and physical sales channels, giving customers the flexibility to communicate on their terms.

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Self-service for customers

Self-service enhances customer experience by enabling customers to help themselves.  From ATM and online banking to grocery stores and fuel stations, self-service portals are everywhere. Customers seek the ability to access information quickly, and have little patience for automated voices on the phone for information that they should be able to get online. To make it easy for customers to use self-service portals, they can be mobile-friendly, and equipped with features such as live chats and search functionality.

Creates an emotional connect with customers

Customer experience is as much a left-brain activity as a right-brain one. Recent studies have found that emotion has a bigger impact on customer loyalty in comparison to ease or effectiveness. Organisations are increasingly exploring CX technology that uses emotions to differentiate and enhance customer experience. There is also a growing interest in new solutions that measure sentiment. This includes Voice of the Customer programs, where text and speech is assessed to identify proof points and the emotive side of customer conversations.

Speeds up product delivery

Speed of service is a key aspect of customer experience. It is a metric around which employees are rewarded and incentivised. As evolving customer expectations demand that employees go the extra mile, it can cause them to re-focus and reduce their speed. Here, appropriate CX technology can help employees adapt to a customer-first culture and multi-task efficiently at the same time.


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