8x8, ThousandEyes and Zscaler Announce Solutions To Empower Remote Working During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Sydney, 16 March 2020 – Leading IT vendors, 8x8, ThousandEyes and Zscaler, have launched solutions for business continuity and customer support in response to increasing numbers of businesses enabling employees to work from home.
To ensure organisations can swiftly respond to the rapidly changing situation, Zscaler has developed a business continuity program in conjunction with its Zscaler Private Access solution which is intended to help organisations give their employees fast, secure, reliable access to applications and services.

Zscaler’s cloud platform and business continuity program enables customers to:

  • Access any applications, whether they are SaaS apps like Salesforce, collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365, or internal apps, and securely surf the internet.
  • Deliver IT support from any location on any device.
  • Lessen bandwidth use to cut costs and improve employees’ overall user experience.
  • Do all of this while improving overall security by minimising the attack surface.

As a multi-tenant platform, Zscaler was built from the ground up to ensure businesses could operate under any conditions, at any scale, anywhere in the world - home or office - and on any device.                                                                                                       

In recent weeks, as COVID-19 spread, enterprises have reached out to Zscaler to help them achieve this same level of productivity by providing secure access to all internal and external applications as quickly as possible. Employees will do whatever is easiest to get the information they need to get their jobs done, and this greatly increases risk. They simply want to turn on their computer or mobile device and begin to work. This means most of them will just go directly to the internet to access cloud applications like Salesforce, AWS, and others for their day-to-day work.

Since January 1, Zscaler’s overall traffic has more than tripled, driven in large part by existing customers fully taking advantage of Zscaler Private Access which provides faster and secure remote access to internal applications.  Zscaler’s China traffic has increased more than 12 times; Seoul is up six times; Tokyo has more than doubled; and the company’s newly opened Milan data centre quickly became one of the busiest sites across the Zscaler cloud.

Helping IT Support Remote Workers During Irregular Operation

ThousandEyes, the Internet and Cloud Intelligence company, is offering a free 90-day usage of its user experience agents for identifying network and app performance issues for remote workers connecting to critical apps and services.
While most enterprise IT teams are built to support a small subset of remote workers, none of them likely anticipated or planned for a dramatic rise in the number of employees working from home.

Given the unprecedented nature of this event, how do IT teams ensure critical business applications and services are available and performing for employees - no matter where they’re located geographically or their time zone? This is exactly what ThousandEyes is seeing happening in response to the novel coronavirus, and while delivering a seamless employee digital experience is challenging enough on a good day, ensuring that critical business applications like Office365, Salesforce, Workday and the like, are performing when there is an incredibly high, unexpected stress on the network is anxiety-inducing.

Managing a remote workforce is incredibly complex because IT and network teams do not control the employee’s environment, but they are still responsible for their employee’s experience.

Sitting between business-critical apps and end-users is a host of dependencies and third-parties, such as cloud providers, secure web gateways (SWG), CDNs, DNS providers, last-mile ISPs, spotty WiFi networks, and more. Simply put, there are way more variables to consider when supporting remote workers and delivering a high-performance experience. While these are typically areas that IT looks at when diagnosing the cause of an issue, the rapid increase in remote workers of late means that the number of end-points is orders of magnitude larger.

To ensure employees remain productive while they are working remotely, IT teams need better visibility into remote worker experience. Monitoring user SaaS and internally-hosted app experience and correlating it to underlying network connectivity, including WiFi, ISPs, and VPN gateways, will enable IT teams to isolate and triage performance issues.  The ThousandEyes service will support customers identify network and app performance issues for remote workers connecting to critical apps and services.

8x8 Expands Global Reach of Free Video Meetings to Help Individuals, Educators and Organisations Worldwide

8x8, a leading integrated cloud communications platform, has announced expanded global capabilities for the free, standalone version of 8x8 Video Meetings.  The company has accelerated the global reach and capabilities of 8x8 Video Meetings, providing companies and employees location-independent access to unlimited meetings through any internet-connected desktop or mobile device without any additional software.

Since February 1, 2020, 8x8 Video Meetings usage and demand has increased significantly:

  • Users from more than 125 countries now use 8x8 Video Meetings.
  • The number of new users for 8x8 Video Meetings has more than tripled.
  • New registered users for the standalone 8x8 Video Meetings solution nearly tripled.

“8x8’s mission is to deliver cloud solutions that allow companies to be ready, resilient and responsive. This ensures business continuity and allows people to work safely and productively from anywhere around the globe,” said Vik Verma, Chief Executive Officer at 8x8, Inc. “8x8 Video Meetings simply works for the mobile and remote workforce, providing no limits or restrictions so people can meet freely and collaborate effortlessly, whether in the office or remote from home. We are doing our part to keep businesses and communities connected locally and globally.”

New and enhanced features of 8x8 Video Meetings include:

  • Unlimited usage - no restrictions on number of meetings or meeting duration.
  • International dial-in numbers in more than 55 countries including local and toll-free options.
  • A browser-based interface that allows users to start or join meetings in a single click or touch.
  • Calendar plugins for Google and Outlook that allow users to schedule and join 8x8 Video Meetings directly from their calendar.
  • Cloud storage for meetings recordings.
  • Support for live streaming of large meetings to YouTube.
  • A permanent personal URL to a private virtual meeting space.
  • Real-time meeting closed captioning and transcription.
  • Machine learning-based noise detection and alerts for enhanced meeting experience.

Millions of Downloads and Thousands of Applications

8x8 operates the open-source video conferencing project, and based 8x8 Video Meetings on this code that has been hardened with over a million downloads and in applications like banking video conferencing, education as a service platforms and home security applications globally. The product is packaged with 8x8 X Series for businesses that have a mobile and remote workforce requiring a highly reliable and resilient solution across desktop and mobile devices for voice, video, chat, contact centre, APIs and advanced analytics. The free, standalone version of 8x8 Video Meetings, introduced to the public in November 2019, is available at: 8x8 Video Meetings is optimised for use with WebRTC-enabled browsers for standalone and guest users. The solution can also be easily paired with video conferencing enabled rooms and huddle spaces through 8x8 Meeting Rooms.

About 8x8, Inc.

8x8, Inc. (NYSE: EGHT) is transforming the future of business communications as a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact centre and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform. 8x8 empowers workforces worldwide to connect individuals and teams so they can collaborate faster and work smarter. Real-time business analytics and intelligence provide businesses unique insights across all interactions and channels so they can delight end-customers and accelerate their business.
About Zscaler

Zscaler (NASDAQ: ZS) enables the world’s leading organisations to securely transform their networks and applications for a mobile and cloud-first world. Its flagship services, Zscaler Internet Access™ and Zscaler Private Access™, create fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location, or network. Zscaler services are 100 percent cloud-delivered and offer the simplicity, enhanced security, and improved user experience that traditional appliances are unable to match. Used in more than 185 countries, Zscaler operates a multi-tenant distributed cloud security platform, protecting thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss. Learn more at:

About ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes, the Internet and Cloud Intelligence company, delivers the only collectively powered view of the Internet enabling enterprises and service providers to work together to improve the quality of every digital experience. The ThousandEyes platform leverages data collected from an unmatched fleet of vantage points throughout the global Internet, from within data centres and VPCs and on end user devices to expose key dependencies that impact digital service delivery, empowering businesses to see, understand and improve how their customers and employees experience any digital website, application or service. ThousandEyes is central to the global operations of the world's largest and fastest growing brands, including 140+ of the Global 2000, 75+ of the Fortune 500, 6 of the 7 top US banks, and 20 of the 25 top SaaS companies. For more information, visit:

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