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Aussie EduTech Start-up Launches App To Link Students With Academic Tutors

Sydney – 30 April 2018 - An innovative mobile app that connects students with academic tutors in their local area has been unveiled by Sydney-based eduTech company, Aloki. 

Using the ALOKI app, students and parents can search for tutors by subject and geographic location. Each tutor’s profile is displayed, along with their ranking, user reviews and hourly rates. The app allows tutors to accept booking requests, confirm locations and arrange payments.

“In Australia, more than 80,000 students fail year 12 each year and 44 per cent of school leavers do not obtain their ATAR.  Indeed, some of these students choose to leave school before their final year and thus don’t obtain an ATAR,” said Aloki founder, Zaver Sima. “Our app helps students, from year 1 to university, to find the support they need to improve their academic outcomes.”

Established in October 2016, Aloki currently has more than 600 registered students and tutors. With the backing of venture capital firm H2 Ventures, the company is preparing for significant growth during the next 12 months.

Aloki GroupMr Sima said an Android version of the Aloki App would be released by the end of May ahead of a push into the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s development team is also working on a predictive artificial intelligence tools that will in the near term recommend tutors and identify trending tutors based on the student’s or parent’s interests and search behaviour.

In the long term, Aloki will also develop an algorithm that will predict and track the student’s learning outcomes and performance. This will enable students, teachers and parents to take preventative action before a student falls behind in their schooling. 

Enhancing education

In support of its mission to increase accessibility to quality education, Aloki carefully assesses each tutor before accepting them into the network. The tutors include former teachers, lecturers and high achieving university and high school graduates.

“It’s about connecting those who wish to learn with the tutors who are best placed to help them,” said Mr Sima. “Our new app enhances this process by making it easier for the two parties to find each other.”

In a Ted Talk presented last November, former Tunisian government minister, Dr Armel Karboul, stated that there are approximately 330 million children who are attending school but are failing to learn. It is estimated that, by 2030, half of the world’s children (1.6 billion) will either be out of school or missing out on education (The Global Learning Crisis – And What to Do About it:


“The need for tutor-based education has never been higher and continues to grow,” said Mr Sima. “We are well positioned to address this need and help to improve the academic standards of students around the world.”

Philanthropic plans

As well as providing a unique platform to link students and tutors, Mr Sima confirmed the company has plans to directly support education programs. Once Aloki reaches profitability, a percentage of its bottom line will be donated to aid the education of children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

“It is our goal that as the company grows, this percentage will increase, as will the impact we will be able to have on the lives of students around the world,” he said.


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