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Australian Financial Advisory Firm Expands Machine Learning Capabilities with Vertiv

Sydney, Australia [March 27 2018] – Vertiv today announced it has deployed its Smart Max converged infrastructure for Vesparum Capital (“Vesparum”), providing more reliable IT infrastructure to power the financial advisory firm’s unique formula of leveraging data analytics and state-of-the-art internally developed proprietary databases to provide advice to clients.

Located in Melbourne, Vesparum provides independent capital markets advisory services to public and private companies, specialising in optimising their interactions with the equity capital markets. The company launched just over five years ago and has experienced rapid growth due to the success of, and market response to, its unique technology-driven formula. The company’s unique mix of investment banking, strategy consulting, asset management, and data science requires considerable IT infrastructure to power it. 

“The finance industry is becoming increasingly focused on data-driven decision making,” said Samuel Leslie, IT director, Vesparum. “Data is central to everything we do. We can analyse in real-time more than 10,000 capital markets transactions and provide exclusive, objective advice to clients to maximise long-term equity value.” 

The business was started in a residential apartment, with luxury five-star hotel foyers doubling as boardrooms so as not to deter the company’s early clients. Vesparum’s early IT environment was a white box setup, with different pieces of infrastructure in different parts of the office. As the company expanded, an imbalance was created between this setup and the technological capability Vesparum required to provide best-in-class advice to its clients.

“Our early IT environment was heavily influenced by our budget,” added Leslie. “We needed a scalable solution that also wouldn’t be obsolete in a few years to maintain our analytics programs and enable us to expand capabilities such as machine learning into our core services.” 

The company engaged its trusted IT partner Intuit Technologies, which in partnership with Dell EMC, recommended the Vertiv Smart Max, a fully integrated data centre in a rack which contains real-time centralised monitoring, UPS power, power distribution, and passive cooling. The data centre houses the Dell EMC XC Series powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, with both solutions built to scale with Vesparum and provide the foundation to manage and grow its existing programs.

The new IT environment also meets the company’s stringent security requirements. The data Vesparum manages is not just confidential, but often privileged, market-sensitive information. Both Vertiv’s Smart Max and the Dell EMC XC Series powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software have security built into their core and help Vesparum meet strict financial compliance and privacy obligations.

Other benefits include increased energy efficiency through the Smart Max’s cooling, monitoring, and thermal management. The solution has also eliminated the need for a large, expensive data centre room, allowing Vesparum to devote more office space to its data science and advisory teams. The reliability of internal IT infrastructure has increased, freeing up the IT department to develop new services, DevOps programs, and more.

“This wouldn’t have been possible with our previous set-up,” said Leslie. “Our business now has the opportunity to scale as we grow and we can focus on what we do best.”

“Vesparum is an example of a digitally-evolved company,” said Robert Linsdell, managing director, Vertiv ANZ. “Leveraging technology to make smart decisions around investment has become one of the most important elements of the financial services industry. 

“Our role is to simplify and manage the backend so that businesses can focus on programs that can make a real difference to clients and staff. As new technologies and innovations such as machine learning make more of an impact on Australian businesses, simplified IT infrastructure needs to become the new norm.”

“It’s not always easy to bring together a mix of vendors and solutions,” said Laura Workman, senior account executive, Intuit Technologies. “But the team worked seamlessly together. When we advise, we’re thinking about the customer. We knew Vertiv and the Dell EMC XC Series powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software fit the part perfectly and that our joint partnership would satisfy Vesparum’s unique business needs.”

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