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Australian Recruiting hires Macquarie Telecom SD-WAN to support cloud move

Sydney, 19 January 2018 – Macquarie Telecom Group (ASX: MAQ) today announced it has deployed its SD-WAN services to Australian Recruiting Group, reducing its outage risk, increasing efficiency and supporting the company’s move to more public cloud services. 

Based in Melbourne, the Group is a leading Australian-owned firm providing national recruitment and human resource consulting services. The company specialises in in the construction, industrial and manufacturing industries, and also works with the Federal Government to help indigenous people find public sector work through the Community Development Program (CDP).

The company has gradually been moving towards new cloud services and requires a steady hybrid network to support that. “Recruitment, and the broader human resources industry, is heading for the cloud,” said Kiki Lwin, ICT Manager, Australian Recruiting Group. “We’re investing in cloud services and we need a low-latency network to enable us to do that effectively.”

These cloud services include JobAdder, a web-based recruitment platform that manages job orders, matches applications to jobs and tracks Australian Recruiting candidates' progress. It is also using TechnologyOne’s enterprise cloud services, used regularly by local government organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, and is planning to implement MYOB’s cloud software to manage its payroll systems in the near future.

“Applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite that we use every day are moving to the cloud – it’s only natural that we follow suit and use more client-focused applications that simplify and automate what we do. We’re becoming a hybrid cloud business and using SD-WAN gives us a hybrid network to match that,” added Lwin. 

SD-WAN has also led to a significant reduction in downtime across Australian Recruiting. Since the deployment, there have been zero network outages. Previously, there was around one small outage per month, which would affect critical operations such as managing client invoices and timesheets, as well as hinder communication between the company, clients and job applicants.

Macquarie Telecom’s multicarrier, multipath SD-WAN inherently uses whichever network link or links are strongest and automatically ‘changes lane’ between them in a matter of milliseconds if one link goes down, so the user experience is unaffected.

SD-WAN has also dropped latency by 10 per cent at Australian Recruiting, and speed across the company’s layer of applications has increased by up to 20 per cent. “PDFs and résumés, for example, open a few seconds faster – you can imagine how often that happens on a daily basis in a recruitment firm. It’s made us much more efficient,” said Lwin.

The SD-WAN services are currently operating in Australian Recruiting’s head offices in Melbourne, but it hopes to expand this to all its offices throughout Australia and potentially its overseas base in Manila, the Philippines.

“Australian Recruiting’s prowess in cloud development makes it a perfect fit for SD-WAN,” said Luke Clifton, Group Executive, Macquarie Telecom Group. “This is where the company needs to focus its attention and IT resources. SD-WAN means it doesn’t need to worry about network issues and beyond that, complements the firm’s move towards hybrid cloud.”

“SD-WAN represents the next stage of telecommunications, just as virtualisation has been to computing. Australian businesses are moving to hybrid cloud and networks must follow. We’re the only provider in Australia who can guarantee a multicarrier, multipath approach that can truly evolve businesses’ networks and take the pain out of managing them.”

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