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Nutanix Experts Announce Their ANZ Tech Predictions For 2019

By Jeff Smith, Vice President of Systems Engineering APJ, Nutanix

Avoiding building bias into AI

Now that we’re in the data-building phase of AI, businesses need to be mindful of the biases people take on and avoid incorporating them into the AI algorithms that are fast becoming important. 

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The lessons we’ve learnt about becoming a customer first company

GUEST POST -- Customers first. It’s become the mantra of the modern business era but what does it really mean and how can you put it into practice?

Businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes are scrambling to find out.

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Data Privacy Regulations, Social Media, Cloud and IaaS to Impact Cybersecurity in 2019: Bitglass

Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB company, has announced its predictions about what will impact security professionals in 2019. In a world where businesses have embraced the cloud and the opportunity to work remotely and collaboratively, the cybersecurity landscape is sure to continue shifting.

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5 Tips For Call Centres To Ensure Millennials Have A Good Call-In Experience

It goes without saying that when you have a good experience with a brand, be it in a store, online or via a call centre, that you have a positive feeling towards the brand or company as a whole.

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How gamifying the call centre could lower employee churn and improve service delivery

Contact centre agents frequently view their work as repetitive and unsatisfying but turning toiling on the telephone into a game may modify this perception and give service levels a boost.

The call centre sector represents big business in Australia – it employs more than 250,000 people, across a gamut of industries, according to latest data from CX Central.

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Analytics is critical, but data is being left out

In today’s economy, responsibility for ‘customer experience’ (CX) has spread throughout organisations. Managing and understanding customers is no longer confined to frontline sales and contact centre staff, it now requires the attention of all employees – including management – in order to deliver to the expectations of increasingly-demanding consumers who have options aplenty at their whim.

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How blockchain can deliver greater CX beyond crypto

In less than two weeks, we are hosting Experience Avaya APAC in Singapore, a city that ranks alongside the likes of Dubai and New York as a global business hub. As I get ready for this event, those two cities are very much top of mind for me right now – and it’s because of blockchain.

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Six ways an SMB can benefit from cloud-based communications

By Brendan Maree

The underlying technology first appeared in the late 1990s, yet many small and medium businesses are only now discovering the benefits the cloud can deliver to communications.

The systems began as rudimentary services favoured by tech-savvy early adopters, but have since evolved into valuable business tools. Improvements in networking technology now enable service providers to offer highly reliable cloud communications solutions with outstanding call quality - on par with traditional phone systems.

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Customer service staff need to be problem solving not apologising

By Jagdip Singh, Case Western Reserve University

Customers are good at troubleshooting the small stuff and research shows when they come to customer service staff they expect complex problem solving, options or answers - not apologies.

My research used video recordings of interactions between airline staff and customers to analyse the behaviour of both the staff and the passengers. I examined the non-verbal cues of the airline staff in more than 100 interactions and found that when they made effusive apologies it actually diminished their ability to be effective problem solvers.

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Improving customer service through a better understanding of context

By Maurizio Canton, EMEA Chief Technology Officer at TIBCO Software

Becoming more customer focused is a goal shared by many financial organisations, but reaching that goal has recently become more complex. In fact, the rule book has essentially been torn up. 

In the past, it was sufficient for a business to create a product or service and then seek out customers who would be likely to want it. Now this has changed as businesses must adjust, react to shifting consumer demands, and deliver an engaging experience if they are to compete and drive revenue and profitability.

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