Stefan Kostarelis

Stefan Kostarelis

Stefan is the Content Manager at a Sydney-based investor relations firm, and a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Techly, Paste Magazine, Lost at E Minor and Tech Invest.

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Fifth Quadrant Talks  CX, Breaches, and Ransomware with Rubrik in Latest Podcast

Palo Alto-based cloud data management company Rubrik announced in January that it raised $261m in Series E funding at a $3.3bn valuation. With its previous raise in April 2017 at a valuation of $1.3bn, this latest funding round highlights just how fast Rubrik is growing.

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8x8 VP of APAC Brendan Maree Talks Risk, Voice Quality and the Importance of a Unified Solution

Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact centre and enterprise-class API solutions 8x8 announced this month that it had received a 2019 CRN Tech Innovator Award.

8x8 was recognised for its contact centre solution which includes ACD, IVR, omnichannel, dialer, reporting, customer journey analytics, quality management, speech analytics, surveys and knowledge base, all delivered on one unified platform.

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Improving EX Critical to Solving Looming ‘Productivity Crisis’, Says Ricoh

Australian organisations can reduce staff turnover and boost productivity by improving employee experience (EX) and satisfaction.

This was a key finding from a new white paper, which was produced via a collaboration between Ricoh and Adapt CXO Advisory.

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One Data Breach Could Be 'Game Over' for Your Brand, Study Finds

If your company is not already stepping up its security, now might be a good time to start because four out of every five (81%) of consumers say they would stop engaging with a brand online following a data breach.

This was a key finding from security company Ping Identity’s (NYSE: PING) 2019 Consumer Survey: Trust and Accountability in the Era of Breaches and Data Misuse report published this month.

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3 Key Lessons From Australia's CX Leaders

Last month, professional services firm KPMG published its annual Customer Experience Excellence Report 2019, which surveyed 2503 Australian consumers for their views of the performance of 114 domestic and global brands operating Down Under.  

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Alexa, what’s the rate on my home loan? Big tech's CX-driven move into financial services

Global big tech companies have dipped their toes in the water with payments and some in China are now expanding into the provision of credit, insurance, savings and other investment products, either directly or in cooperation with established financial institutions.

With the exception of Netflix, the so-called FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) and their Chinese counterparts BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), are all exploring or offering financial services.

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NSW customers highly satisfied with Council interactions

2019 Local Government Customer Experience Insights Report Reveals Key CX Issues Facing Local Government 

Three quarters of residents are satisfied with the recent contact they have had with their council, according to new research carried out by Fifth Quadrant. The report outlines which councils had the highest satisfaction percentage, and as it turns out also had the highest first contact resolution (FCR) rate. The study suggests that FCR continues to be a crucial metric within the realm of local council customer experience (‘CX’).

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Security the Top Obstacle to Cloud Adoption and Innovation, Experts Say

Security is the number one concern for organisations looking to commence their digital transformation journeys via migration to the cloud, according to global cybersecurity experts.

Speaking at a Zscaler-hosted lunch event attended by Fifth Quadrant last week, Alex Woerndle, who is an analyst at Ecosystm and on the Board of the Australian Information Security Association, said that organisations need to move away from this outdated view.

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Global Study Reveals Top 5 Ethical Principles in Existing AI Guidelines

Spock: There is a certain scientific logic about it.

Anan 7: I’m glad you approve.

Spock: I do not approve, I understand.

- Spock and Anan 7, Star Trek The Original Series S.1 Ep. 23, A Taste of Armageddon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era of CX as companies use AI tools to gain valuable customer insights, improve efficiencies and decision-making, reduce costs, and boost customer and employee satisfaction.

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The Omni-channel: What it is and why it matters

I recently had what I would call a great omni-channel customer experience. We often talk about CX in terms of positive experiences, but the truth is, when things go wrong, this is precisely the moment companies have an opportunity to shine.

My case involved a bed frame which I bought from a large online furniture retailer. The checkout, payment and shipping process was all smooth and quick, which is expected these days.

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