Steve Nuttall

Steve Nuttall

Steve is the Head of CX Research and has expertise across a variety of industries including; automotive, finance, banking, retail... Contact our team for details on workshops and roundtables delivered by Dr. Steve Nuttall

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Why Blockchain Technology Will Transform Customer Experience

Blockchain, and the myriad of cryptocurrencies it has spawned, is the most significant technological innovation since the dawn of the internet. It has the potential to revolutionise how we organise society, how we are governed and the way we do business. But what is it and what impact will it have on Customer Experience (CX)?

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You Could Use a Guinness Right About Now!

Maintaining A Human Touch In The Digital Era

Let the Prophets Speak

It's often said that life imitates art and there are two scenes in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report that have become particularly prophetic in the marketing world.

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3 Top CX Predictions for 2016

Gartner predicts that over 50 percent of the customer product investments will be channeled into customer experience innovations by 2017. Businesses will look to leverage strong tools and rich data to gain insights on customers. Businesses will have to take a systematic approach to make improvements in their CX strategy, and knowing about the trends is certainly a good place to start.

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Spreading Ideas Through Thought Leadership

Your organisation’s presence on the internet has a major role to play in how new customers perceive your business, which is why most businesses today are looking toward creating fresh content that leads online customers to their official website. The power of online content has been widely accepted, as a survey revealed that 94 percent of professionals believe that poor content has a degrading effect on the reputation of a firm.

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4 Outcomes of Customer Experience Technology

As organisations understand that customer experience is a critical basis for competitive differentiation, they can be expected to increase their investment in CX technology.  With the arc of customer expectations continuing to rise, organisations have started investing in CX technologies at a rapid pace. The customer outcomes of CX technologies cannot be ignored, and as such, failing to invest even in foundational solutions that lay a groundwork for transition to transformatory customer models, can weaken competitiveness.

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