Boomi Airs On-Boarding Dirty Laundry During World Tour

- Boomi Shares Insights on Importance of Employee Experience.-

I recently attended Boomi World Tour in Sydney. These types of events always start out exciting with colourful lighting and sick beats, and so according to Boomi, the future is bright and filled with opportunity. So it seems clear that the hype around cloud migration and artificial intelligence has passed on to where we are now - the stage of transformation and integration. No clearer example of the power of these systems was more evident than in the recent eye-opening experience Boomi itself encountered when trying to solve its own on-boarding process.

We’ve recently talked a lot about the employee experience (EX) as it relates to the contact centre. But the shaping of EX isn’t confined to just that department or customer facing departments. As has been demonstrated by Fifth Quadrant in recent webinars, for EX to translate into a positive CX it has to be organisation-wide and woven deeply into the fabric of the culture.

Thinking back to Dell’s beginnings in the early 1990’s, their focus was always on the customer. I remember buying my first laptop, it was an early Dell Inspiron. I built and configured it online. A very novel approach back then. It was shipped with in a few days and if I had a problem with the hardware, which I did one rare occasion, I boxed it and sent it back to Dell for repairs and the turnaround time was, even by today’s standards, simply amazing. A repair from first contact, shipping out to getting my laptop back was typically 3-4 days. Of course, today, living without a laptop for a few days might be nightmarish to consider, back then to know that your issue was being managed so quickly was a great customer experience outcome.

That attention to customer continues to permeate all of Dell Technologies’ business units including Boomi and getting the employee component wrong could have disastrous outcomes for customers. So when the company was faced with difficulty on-boarding new employees at various levels in the organisation, senior managers stepped back and asked why, by administering an internal survey and audit into the on-boarding process at Dell Boomi.

The results were described by CEO, Chris McNabb as “horrific.” Talk about airing your dirty laundry. McNabb described the process the company went through to on-board a new employee and discovered through the research a very confronting NPS score of -73 the result of asking employees if they would recommend working at Boomi to friends and family. 

Chris McNabb CEO Boomi - On-boarding negatives

In other words, almost no one was willing to put friends, colleagues or family forward for a job at Boomi due to the deeply frustrating on-board process which could take in upwards of 92 days to fully provision a new employee. Even after 14 days of starting a new job at Boomi an employee was found to be merely 50 per cent productive. When interviewers are asking if you’re ready and capable to “hit the ground running” only to discover you’ve eagerly leapt out of the starters block but there isn’t a track in front of you. The lack of streamlined processes and inability of the company to walk-the-walk was costing Boomi half a million in potential revenues per each new employee. 

McNabb went on to describe the simple process of getting a security photo that could take days to complete since a new employee had to schedule time in security but couldn't do that until they received the right permissions to... admittedly my attention span began to waiver at that moment as my mind recalled a scene in the motion picture Jupiter Ascending where our heroine, Jupiter finds herself in a number of different red-tape lined government offices trying to get permission to be a royal of some sort. The solution for Boomi was to take its own medicine and analyse and detail current processes followed by the building of a new process which would be executed on its own platform. The goal was to simplify the on-boarding experience into something more humane and improve ROI.

With access to mountains of data and processes used by its own clients and developers around the globe, Boomi employed its own machine learning AI and Boomi platform to create an app that would put a new employee first, welcome them, assign them to the right cost centre, allow them to use their own smartphone to submit a security photo, provide them with passwords and access to systems they are supposed to have access to and so on. It was the starter pistol the company needed to set new people off running in their own, clearly defined lane. The results? A stunning improvement.

Using the Boomi platform, the right stakeholders, managers and team leaders could monitor and be alerted via messaging of the results of the on-boarding process and step in to tackle any issues at any point should a problem arise.

In implementing its new on-board process Dell Boomi saw revenue gains of $700k in 6 months, a massive rise in NPS from -76 to +92 and saw an overall reduction of on-board timing from weeks down to minutes.

Chris McNabb CEO Boomi - On-boarding Win

By sharing this anecdote with the audience, McNabb demonstrated a few key aspects of the Boomi business.

Boomi is about helping businesses; create smart work flows that allow for better customer engagement that eases internal processes, perform rapid integration of legacy, disparate or  siloed data systems and finally realise that the integration process is no longer just about speed rather its leveraging data using AI and machine learning to provide data intelligence across all parts of a business.

By addressing its own internal employee experience issues with its on-boarding process, using AI and machine learning to analyse processes used by other organisations, Boomi was able to put together a sharable process and prove it was willing to walk the walk! The ultimate outcome will see new employees ready and willing to deliver better experiences for Boomi customers. Thus, once again proving the equation, Great EX = Great CX!

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