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Compassion Australia On Course for 2020 Vision with Promapp

Sydney, 9 August 2017 – Compassion Australia, the country’s fourth biggest fundraiser, has commenced deployment of Promapp’s cloud-based business process management software to support the realisation of its 2020 vision to release more children from poverty by developing and applying business technologies and processes that are better, smarter, faster and more efficient. 

Promapp is being implemented to drive successful process change and organisational innovation on the back of the transformation of core procedures through the deployment of new generation IT solutions such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, and the specialist roundCause donor software. 

The new software is replacing Compassion’s existing legacy systems in order to provide an enhanced supporter experience as well as foster new donor acquisition. 

At the same time, the new software systems will support real-time integration that will improve the organisation's day-to-day operations, streamline messaging as well as provide for more efficient and responsive communication. 

The decision to deploy a solution such as Promapp followed an internal review which found that the new information systems being deployed were impacted by around 200 incumbent processes, some of which were complex and unable to support its business management requirements.

As John Harris, Senior Project Manager, Compassion Australia, explains, “At the outset, we were unable to communicate our processes to our partners who then had to deliver the solutions.  I knew Promapp from a previous role and realised that their process management software would be able to align our process management and improvement effort with our corporate objectives.”

Promapp is being deployed in a phased approach “in a where-most-needed strategy” across the organisation’s 150-strong workforce. A key focus is on donor and supporter acquisition where Compassion wants to delight its donors by providing a seamless end to end experience for communications all the way from recurring payments through to volunteer activity.

Promapp will also be used as a central repository for information for staff and volunteers to gain self-serve access to knowledge.  This will be particularly important for new staff who will no longer have to work with paper-based, printed process documentation when they join the organisation. 

“Another benefit of the Promapp cloud-based software are its process maps which are generated from procedures and provide a visual representation of the map and not just a document.  Compassion staff will be able to generate and store collateral to support a process in one place driving visibility across the whole organisation so that information can be shared fostering knowledge sharing and breaking down information silos,” says Harris. 

For example, links to process guidelines can be embedded in other applications and software such as so information is available when and where it is needed.

In addition, adopting Promapp will ensure that everyone is using the same content whether they’re at the head office in Newcastle or in the regional offices.

“Ultimately, Promapp will support Compassion Australia’s endeavour to ensure that staff, volunteers, stakeholders, partners, donors, advocates and community supporters have the procedures and processes in place to make a positive difference to the organisation.  Given the amount of time and money they dedicate, it’s important that in return we provide them with an unsurpassed experience and the best use of their time to make sure it is enjoyable and rewarding," says Harris.

Compassion Australia is a Christian child development and child advocacy ministry committed to working in partnership with local churches to foster the spiritual, economic, social, physical and emotional development of children living in extreme poverty in 25 developing countries. 

Driven by a passion to assist children living in some of the world's poorest areas, Compassion Australia was founded in 1977 with a single sponsored child. Today, Compassion Australia assists over 100,000 children around the world through child sponsorship and other programs, aiming to break the cycle of poverty by working with children from the womb until they reach the workforce.

About Promapp

Established in 2002, Promapp works with hundreds of organisations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture.

Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share and change business processes, enabling continuous improvement, risk management, quality assurance and business continuity. Providing an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool, and a process improvement toolset, Promapp’s proprietary software supports the development of smarter and safer ways to work, while encouraging sharing of information by operational teams rather than limiting it to process analysts and technical specialists.

Promapp’s wide range of public and private sector customers includes: Coca-Cola Amatil, Air New Zealand, WesTrac, Lumo Energy, Toyota, Ricoh, McDonald's, Audi Australia, Fuji Xerox, Department of Justice, Victoria, Adelaide City Council, Central Coast Council and City of Booroondarra.  The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.


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