Conversations in Isolation: Staying Safe with Steve Fletcher at Drake International

Conversations in Isolation is a series of podcasts from CX spotlight where Steve Nuttall, Director of Fifth Quadrant, sits down for an honest conversation with business leaders about the rapid changes happening in the world during the COVID-19 crisis... from the safety of isolation.

Our fifth episode features Steve Fletcher, National WHS and Quality Manager at Drake International. Steve squared talk about the safety aspects that most organisations probably aren't, from the ergonomic shortfalls of working from the kitchen table to the emotional welfare of staff.



Make sure you check out the Drake Safety Work Health and Safety Guide & Checklist.

If you have any questions about how Drake can help your organisation, contact them on the Solutions National Number: 1300 362 262

Andrew Kerrigan

Written by Andrew Kerrigan

Andrew has been with Fifth Quadrant since the days, working across all aspects of the business. These days he is in charge of Marketing and Digital.

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