Conversations in Isolation: The Answer is Always Run - Gillian Stapleton, Direct Selling Australia

Conversations in Isolation is a series of podcasts from CX spotlight where Steve Nuttall, Director of Fifth Quadrant, sits down for an honest conversation with business leaders about the rapid changes happening in the world during the COVID-19 crisis... from the safety of isolation.

Our Seventh Episode Features Gillian Stapleton, CEO of Direct Selling Australia. DSA is the industry body representing direct selling companies in Australia, a retail channel that supplies products from non-fixed locations and attracts over 400,000 entrepreneurs in Australia.



I’ve really been looking forward to this conversation, to understand how COVID-19 has impacted the direct selling business model and what the future looks like for DSA’s members.

We talk about how Gill is guiding the Association and the industry through the current pandemic and into a new phase of growth as well as her passion for running marathons: 11 completed in 10 years including the now famous 2013 Boston Marathon.


At Direct Selling Australia, we know that we are better together, and the community we represent touches all aspects of Australia, both geographically and culturally and protecting and promoting our channel is how we spend the bulk of our time. We do this so the representatives of our members can focus on the products and their business in a conducive environment that supports them. We would all admit that our current global situation limits face to face interactions and the sharing of stories but it also is allowing us to think differently, slow down and find ways to contribute to the community in which we live and conduct business. That is why we have created #itsallnextdoor. Avoid the crowds at the shops, and the empty shelves and support a local business person like yourself – someone who is empowered and passionate and has more in common with you then you knew.

To learn more about DSA please visit their website 

Steve Nuttall

Written by Steve Nuttall

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