Customer journey mapping

A Customer Journey Map Is Essential - Here's Why

Creating a simplified view of a complex process

Customer journey maps have been used for many years by organisations to gain a more accurate understanding of what the customer goes through when dealing with the company. Most organisations may use a simple diagram to illustrate the customer's experience, right from the initial contact, to the process of engaging with company associates, all the way through to developing a long-term relationship.

Objectives of a customer journey map

A customer journey map comes in many forms depending on the primary areas of focus of the company and it is but one piece of the larger customer experience design puzzle. It may provide an overview of the entire customer or simply focus on a certain part of the interaction and very often is visualised in the form of an infographic. Regardless of the primary drivers, a user journey map, like the one below, comes with many benefits to the company.

Sample Customer Journey Map - Fifth Quadrant

  • It identifies the key areas of interest of the customer: By analysing the interactions a customer has with your organisation, you can get a good insight into the psyche of the target demographic. You gain access to what motivates your customers and what they expect out of your organisation, helping you make informed decisions in the future.
  • It identifies the gaps in service: If you are a manager for whom the experience of the customer holds the highest value, a customer journey map provides the opportunity to find out how an average customer will need to navigate through the sales channels to get their desired product or service. It becomes much easier to find out the primary areas where customers waste a lot of time and energy, which means optimizing certain areas of the sales channel will help you maximize the customer's experience.
  • It puts the customer as the centre of business: By giving you the chance to see things from a customer's perspective, you are essentially giving the driving force of your business the attention it deserves. Being customer centric is ultimately good for business. Want to learn more about being Customer Centric? Click here.

Today’s customers are empowered by social media and mobile technology, which gives them the ability to look for alternative businesses that provide similar services or products.

Finally, mapping your customer's journey can help you better understand how the Internet has completely changed customer behaviour into a more dynamic and competitive environment. By simply illustrating the experience of an average customer to people from various departments in your organisation, you are essentially encouraging them to work together and provide an excellent customer service & experience that will keep the business growing.

Check out our case study on CQ University to see how we built a Customer Journey Map for a key client. 


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