CX of the Future: Cultivating an Agile and Responsive CX Culture by Design

CX of the Future is a new podcast from Fifth Quadrant and Verizon. Co-hosts Dr Steve Nuttall, Director at Fifth Quadrant and Mat Wells, Solutions Consultant at Verizon will be exploring CX: Reimagined, Retooled and Redesigned.

This weeks guests include Cary Cusumano and Gary McCourt. Cary is Verizon's Principal Client Partner in CX Design Global Leader of CX Practice. Gary is Head of the Operations Services Centre for BGIS.

Together they talk about the importance of Employee Experience and how companies who were leaders in this area managed the crisis better than most. What changed for employees and how did they cope with the change? What sort of increased demands were placed on employees as part of the broader change? What will the employee experience look like in the future? Will offshoring continue at pre-covid levels?



This is the second episode in a series of discussions with business leaders about the customer experience of the future, providing valuable insights and tips to help businesses navigate their way through the current pandemic with speed and agility and deliver a great experience to both their customers and their employees.

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Andrew Kerrigan

Written by Andrew Kerrigan

Andrew has been with Fifth Quadrant since the days, working across all aspects of the business. These days he is in charge of Marketing and Digital.

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