Data Reveals Growing Trend of Grey-haired GoGetters

Melbourne, Victoria – 11 December, 2019: As cost of living pressures increase across the country, seniors in Victoria have been ditching their private cars and flocking to car share.

With the cost of owning a private vehicle averaging $6,000 per year between registration, fuel, insurance, repayments, and maintenance, it is an expense many struggle to afford.

This year, the number of Victorian seniors joining GoGet has surged by 43 per cent, exceeding all previous years.

Justin Passaportis, GoGet General Manager Victoria, said it was becoming increasingly difficult for many people to justify owning a car.

“Vehicles are your second most expensive asset after your home,” he said. “For an asset that’s unused most of the time it’s an expense many are looking to shed. GoGet offers a compelling alternative to vehicle ownership given the affordability, convenience, and variety of our service.”

“Increasingly, we’re seeing a trend of seniors joining GoGet as they seek to cut costs without sacrificing independence.”

In Victoria, the three postcodes with the highest number of Seniors using GoGet are 3000 (City of Melbourne), 3006 (Southbank and South Wharf), and 3068 (Clifton Hill and Fitzroy North).

So far in 2019, Victorian seniors have made more than 4,750 GoGet trips using a variety of shared vehicles including vans, SUVs, hatchbacks and convertibles. 

Passaportis said he expected the trend to continue given Australia’s aging population.

“As people approach retirement age, budgets tighten and many look to cut back on non-essentials. With the high ongoing cost of owning a vehicle, it is often one of the first things to go.”

With the GoGet Seniors Plan, Seniors Card holders pay no joining or ongoing monthly fees, meaning they only pay for when they drive. With free fuel also included with every membership, seniors save thousands per year by switching to GoGet.

The data highlighting the trend of seniors joining car share follows on from GoGet’s recently launched discussion paper Remode, Reprice, Reshape: The Keys to Killing Congestion. As congestion in Australia’s capital cities forces thousands to spend hours in traffic – causing untold environmental, economic, and health consequences – the paper makes the case that an integrated approach to transport and infrastructure is the only way to alleviate the issue. Research has found that each car share vehicle removes an average of 10 private vehicles from the road, making it a key element in any congestion-busting strategy.

About GoGet 

GoGet is Australia's first and largest professional car sharing service and operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Newcastle and Orange.  Its slogan is “Why own a car when you can GoGet!” 

GoGet's aim is to provide a reliable, convenient, and affordable transport service that: 

  • allows people to live without car ownership 
  • removes 10 private cars from local streets for every car share vehicle 
  • makes car sharing an integral and fun part of living in urban environments 
  • means members don’t need to pay for fuel    
  • decreases car usage 
  • improves local air quality 

GoGet is operated by CarShare Australia, formed to bring car sharing services to Australia. Founded by Directors Nic Lowe and Bruce Jeffreys in 2003 with three vehicles and 12 members, today GoGet has over 3,500 vehicles and 150,000 members.  The consumer watchdog, Choice, named GoGet as the “best car sharer” in Australia for its Game Changer Award honouring the car share industry.  Learn more at: 

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