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Benefits include cost-effective scalability and improved customer service supporting a fast growing company resulting in better cutomer engagement.

SYDNEY AND PERTH, 28 November 2016 –  Enably, a fast-growing company in the Australian personal lending industry, has deployed the omnichannel customer engagement cloud solution, PureCloud Engage℠, from Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ININ).

PureCloud Engage will be used by Enably’s team of customer engagement specialists to help the company scale its growth and assist in providing exemplary customer experiences. Its functionality includes omnichannel routing, speech-enabled IVR, recording and quality 
management, outbound campaigns, CRM integrations, graphical scripting, and the ability to plug into other apps and cloud services. PureCloud Engage also includes unified communications and collaboration capabilities.

Enably is an online only lender offering loans of up customer engagement by enablyto $10,000 with repayment schedules based off the borrowers unique personal circumstance up to a maximum of 24 months. enably has funded more than 50,000 loans to customers all over Australia.  Enably’s customers are put directly in control of how they borrow money from the company.  At the same time, they are committed to ensuring customers benefit from quick response times as well as high levels of customer service. This is evidenced by their consistently high Net Promoter Score score of 63%.

PureCloud Engage was selected to replace Enably’s basic PABX system which was unable to scale and provide the performance functionality required for the company which is currently growing at a rate of 37 per cent per month.

“We needed to achieve scalability as a company across all our business operations and not only can PureCloud be deployed rapidly and cost effectively, but it also opens up opportunities for our agents to work from home,” said Andrew Kirkwood, Chief Executive Officer, enably.

“PureCloud is a cost-effective offering for an organisation of any size.  A great benefit though is that you are not locked into a contract, so you’re able to mitigate levels of risk within in your business.  It gives you the full functionality of a PABX in an all in one solution with simple deployment. 

“Another attractive feature is its predictive dialing functionality, which has already been a great advantage for our collections team.  This feature alone will reduce operating costs in this department by up to two-thirds while improving overall business efficiency,” said Kirkwood.

Enably has an active base of established customers at any one time but also has regular outbound sales and collections campaigns with its contact centre agents handling up to 2,000 outbound calls per day. PureCloud Engage will allow the company to seamlessly deploy live chat functionality and in the future will also integrate the platform with a custom built CRM which will benefit from number recognition, click to call functionality, tagging and reporting.   

PureCloud Engage’s microservice architecture built atop Amazon Web Services Cloud also boosts maximum reliability, scalability and security.  

“We work in an exciting, innovative, fast-paced environment and our team is passionate about providing the best possible experience for our customers.  PureCloud Engage’s month-to-month, pay-as-you-go subscription terms and ongoing delivery of new functionality will enable us to optimise the business and work as a team to roll out new cloud-based features as they become available,” said Kirkwood.

For more information about PureCloud Engage, visit

About Enably
Enably offers simple and flexible loans that put customers in control.  Our mission is to provide loans that enable you to get on and do the things that are important in life. We recognise that each of our customers has a unique set of circumstances, and we take the time to understand these so that we can genuinely help without putting you under any unnecessary financial pressure.  For more information, visit

About Interactive Intelligence
Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ININ) is a global leader of cloud services for customer engagement, communications and collaboration designed to help businesses worldwide improve service, increase productivity and reduce costs. Backed by a 20-plus year history of industry firsts, 150-plus pending patent applications, and more than 6,000 global customer deployments, Interactive offers customers fast return on investment, along with robust reliability, scalability and security. It's also the only company recognised by the top global industry analyst firm as a leader in both the cloud and on-premises customer engagement markets. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. For more information, visit

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