CX Spotlight by Fifth Quadrant - IT Customers are Like 2 Year Olds

IT Customers are Like 2 Year Olds

ManageEngine addresses challenges faced by IT departments in an ever changing digital world.

The other day, a colleague described his 2 year old son’s ability to navigate his smartphone to find video and even go so far as to demand, “Siri, go away.”

We are all experts in our own right when it comes to technology today. Intuitive interfaces, cloud, and voice recognition have made life easier when it comes to usage and access to data. As a result, the demands on IT are greater than ever. In an era of constant digital disruption, aligning IT to business goals with a focus on the state of play of security, cloud and mobility is at the top of most directors’ to-do lists.

Employees demand the same accessibility and ease of use in corporate and business applications that they experience with personal applications – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. At a recent media briefing, Raj Sabhlok, President of Zoho Corp. outlined the challenges Zoho and ManageEngine face when it comes to digital integration and how the company is constantly working to meet those challenges for clients while still addressing security concerns and ensuring the integrity of information and data.

According to recent research by Australian research firm, StollzNow for ManageEngine, 76% of companies surveyed said they had experienced greater than 6 instances of data theft by a third party in the last year. Where 55% have experienced information misuse by employees.

With 83% of businesses having some form of remote access to company information and 86% providing mobile phones, access has never been easier for employees, but this also means a greater number of access points for potential thieves, viruses and malware.

Quite simply, ManageEngine provides businesses with the monitoring capabilities they need to ensure their data is being accessed by the right people coupled with the ability to wipe devices in the event of unauthorised access or theft. That’s one tiny piece of what ManageEngine can do. (The application suite is quite ranging and more details can be found on their site)

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One Platform to Rule Them All

Raj shared his insight into where he thinks businesses want to be ideally, and that’s with “one platform or operating system for their business that works right out of the box.”

However, the challenge still remains that many businesses won’t simply tear down existing technology and software to replace with a single system considering the amount of investment they’ve likely already made. ManageEngine and Zoho can address either challenge – spending a whopping 40% of revenues on R&D, and offering a host of applications that integrate into just about any platform, ManageEngine can thus provide full scale or bolt on solutions for just about any type of business application.

Organisations using ManageEngine and Help Desk Management for example, place a greater deal of power in the hands of the IT contact centre or help desk when it comes dealing with any number of issues including security.

Most companies today recognise that a positive employee experience translates into a better customer experience. Thus when it comes to the employee experience, Zoho and ManageEngine are listening. With an R&D budget that places a lot of emphasis on improving existing applications to just be better, the company is in a good space to meet employee expectations and thus tick another box for directors.

ManageEngine has positioned and aligned itself quite strategically, by allowing businesses to leverage and secure their data while using cloud services provided by AWS, Google, or Microsoft for example. Raj also shared that although in the beginning, the company had put a great deal of focus on small business solutions, more recently, he acknowledges that they are in a much better space to offer the same solutions at scale to medium and large businesses alike.

Like customers, today’s employees are also technology experts. Access to the data we need, when we need it, can be the difference between making a sale and losing one. ManageEngine is taking on the big challenge with IT operations teams to ensure continuous delivery of their complex, dynamic applications while catering to the user’s expectation of instant gratification.


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