Linktech Australia’s New Kloudily solution offers rapid cloud deployments, allowing businesses to operate from anywhere.

Melbourne, 12 March 2020 – Linktech Australia, an award-winning IT services company has launched its Kloudily cloud infrastructure solution. The service enables businesses to deploy new cloud environments as well as Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) in as little as two hours. Making it easier and cheaper for businesses to establish cloud deployments while enabling secure environments so employees can work from home easier.    

Linktech Australia is aiming Kloudily at satisfying strong market demand from organisations ranging from small to large multinational businesses. The launch offering includes cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and a true next generation remote desktop experience, which enables customers to minimise on-premise infrastructure, eliminate VPNs, modernise application delivery and optimised backup options.

Traditional cloud enablement projects may take anywhere from weeks to multi-year migrations. Kloudily reduces deployment costs significantly by providing infrastructure and desktops in the cloud in less than two hours. At the same time, Kloudily automatically manages customers’ cloud infrastructure by seamlessly scaling usage.

Many businesses want to dip their toes into the water with cloud infrastructure or Windows virtual desktops, but the cost and time investment is often too high,” says Regina Melamed, General Manager, Linktech Australia.

Kloudily provides feature rich functionality and flexibility to enable Australian businesses to achieve their digital business goals without compromising the security and performance of the ongoing day-to-day business operations.

“Our solution not only saves time to deploy infrastructure and desktops to the cloud, but businesses can give their employees new ways to work. With WVD’s users can switch to the same personalised desktop experience as they’re used to on their physical devices. Windows virtual desktops allow employees to securely login to their work environments from home. With Kloudily, we hope to enable business of all sizes to quickly and efficiently embrace cloud adoption by removing time and cost barriers” says Melamed.

Businesses are now getting more comfortable with moving some of their infrastructure to the cloud. At the same time the first wave of migrations is complete, questions remain about service optimisation, security and cost controls. Kloudily is backed by Linktech Australia’s services which includes 24x7 technical support to help customers address management challenges.

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Linktech Australia (A Microsoft Gold Partner) is a digital transformation company that focuses on making business efficient and effective through better use of technology. The company offers managed IT support services, advisory and consulting support, and a range of cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions to suit the needs of modern Australian-based enterprises.

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