Local Councils Should Focus on Building User-Friendly Websites - Fifth Quadrant Report

Inaugural State of CX in Local Government Report 2019 Reveals Key CX Issues Facing Local Councils

Local councils should focus on creating intuitive and easy to navigate websites which allow for effective web self-service that ultimately eases the pressures on other touch points, according to just a few of the results of a survey of New South Wales’ local councils conducted by Fifth Quadrant.

In today’s CX-focused world, Australia’s local councils are under increasing pressure to deliver seamless experiences to their citizens. Regulatory changes to council financial assistance grants which hamper investment in new systems, rising social media-driven citizen expectations, and a rapidly advancing technological landscape are key issues that local councils must deal with when looking to improve CX.

Critical among them is the shift in perception that is taking place from “citizen” to “customer”. In this day and age, council citizens are increasingly thinking of themselves as the latter and, as a result, expect Apple-level CX from their local councils. To find out how local councils are tracking, Fifth Quadrant surveyed 1,544 residents of NSW councils, uncovering service delivery performance metrics, sector benchmarks and specific areas that require improvement in the process.

Brad Arsenault, Head of Marketing at Fifth Quadrant says, “We're proud to present this piece of CX Thought Leadership research into local government. I'm confident this report and associated communications programme will be a key resource for managers, consultants and suppliers working within the Australian local government sector. It will also provide local councils with a launchpad from which to create initiatives that will improve their CX.”

The report examines local council CX through the lens of six themes: demographics, recent experiences, future interactions, benchmarking, communications, and feedback. Key findings revealed by the report include:

Demographics: Sydney East Councils tend to have newer residents living in the Council area for 10 years or less and that tend to be a higher than average proportion aged 30-39 years.

Recent experience: Requesting a service (such as waste collection) was the most common recent contact with Councils, closely followed by having to pay for something.

Future interactions: Web self-service is the most desired method for future contact, followed by phone contact, which is repeatedly seen as an essential method to have available regardless of other channels.

Benchmarking: Over a quarter of respondents had a better experience elsewhere than with their local Council, with Sydney East and Central Coast and Hunter areas a key driver of this.

Communications: Less than half of respondents have actively visited their Council’s website recently, which is even more pronounced amongst those aged 18-29 years and in Sydney East regions, who are less inclined to agree that their Council website is user-friendly.

Feedback: The majority of feedback centres around a desire for improved response times from local Councils. As a result, the demand for phone call or face-to-face contact is in high demand as it gives the customer some control in dealing with the issue with immediacy.

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Benefits of sponsorship include: wide exposure among CX decision makers in local councils, recognition as a thought leader and supporter of local government, brand elevation through association with Fifth Quadrant, access to research data, and lead generation through a branded webinar targeting local council decision markets. For more information, contact us today.


Stefan Kostarelis

Written by Stefan Kostarelis

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