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Making Window Fashions a Personalised Business

The value in creating technology and digital roadmaps for your business.

In the wake of Oracle’s MBX 2017 conference here in Sydney, I’ve seen a lot of great information and case studies come forward on how businesses and organisations are pushing ahead to refine their digital offerings and channels as well as making the purchase journey for customers more personalised.

Journey MappingPersonalisation continues to be a trending topic this year, perhaps even more than last year. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has and will in part enable this area even more in the months and years ahead. For the moment however, in order to achieve and deliver a greater level of personalisation for customers, businesses need to be paying more attention to constructing the right technology roadmap, allowing them to remain competitive by ultimately offering a better customer experience (CX).

I recently reviewed a case study from Hunter Douglas outlining their digital journey with Oracle and marketing automation agency Marketing Cube. Hunter Douglas set out to improve the marketability of its Luxaflex brand after realising that the company was truly lacking a 360 degree view of its customers and their journey. According to Jenny Brown, National Marketing Manager at Hunter Douglas, “we decided to build a complete digital marketing ecosystem that would capture and share the experience of our satisfied customers. Our primary objective was to generate and publicise positive customer reviews to assist our dealer network in generating future business and revenue."

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As part of their plan to refine their channels, Hunter Douglas integrated Trustpilot an online review community that enables businesses and consumers to communicate with each other. Combined with Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Eloqua, they were able to automatically trigger emails to recent customers, and prompt them for a rating and a review.

For a company like Hunter Douglas, reliance on word-of-mouth has traditionally had the greatest impact on their business in fact the company’s success lies in generating high repeat and referral business.

By properly strategising and plotting out a technology roadmap the company was able to work some marketing wonders. Hunter Douglas’ Luxaflex achieved results that to date have exceeded the company’s expectations. “We have been provided with tangible testimonials and a review score that well surpasses the expectations of our management team” said Jenny.

The benefits have included; full consumer life cycle tracking, reduced time spent on contact management through automation, increase in consumer brand preference, improved loyalty from dealer network and positive morale for staff due to positive end customer feedback. 

Jenny also said, “By implementing Eloqua, and integrating with our website in-store data capture systems and JD Edward ERP system, we have been able to develop a single source of customer and lead data, which currently stands at in excess of 40,000 contacts.”

“We have also had a 50% increase in email open rate since co-branded consumer emails have been sent ‘from’ a consumer’s local dealer and an improved customer review metric. Previously, the primary customer review rating for Luxaflex Australia was from Product Review, where the company’s score was 1.6/5 (32%). By pro-actively requesting ratings from our customers, our new Trustpilot consumer rating is 9.5/10 (95%).

By leveraging the right analytics at the right times, Hunter Douglas has been able to enhance and amplify their brand offering to a much greater degree than even they had thought possible. What is clear from examples like this, is that companies that are embracing cloud, putting greater focus on delivering a better customer experience and learning to leverage the right data at the right times are putting themselves in a position to beat competitors and win over customers.


Brad Arsenault

Written by Brad Arsenault

Brad is the Head of Marketing at Fifth Quadrant. For over 16 years he's worked across digital marketing and content production. He actively publishes content on LinkedIn and Medium.

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