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Optimise Your Organization’s Digital & Mobile Customer Experience

It is very well known that you need to be delivering a consistent customer experience if you want the best out of your digital strategy. This means that the digital experience has to be the same for the customer across all devices and channels.

Ultimately, your website, which was likely designed with a desktop user in mind, must be optimised for a smart phone experience as well. This involves embracing new trends such as responsive UI/UX designs. This also gives rise to the question, should there be two web designs, one for mobile users and the other for desktop users?

To answer that question, let's first take a look at the numbers. The following study by Ovum for BoldChat by LogMeIn demonstrates that from a channel perspective, mobile is certainly on the rise and the trends is an upwards one. Customers want easy access to products, services and the help and assistance that goes with that. If they're not getting from your organisation, they'll simply go elsewhere.

Mobile dominates the customer experience

Today, more consumers call from a smartphone (56%) than a landline. They are using their smart phone devices for more than calls.  83% of participating consumers reported using smart phone applications for customer support and 67% reported using mobile websites, up from 65% and 62%, respectively, since 2014[2]. Click here to access the Ovum Report

In most cases, a single, mobile-friendly design will be sufficient. But the trick is to deliver a consistent customer experience, and you cannot achieve this if your customers encounter a different look, feel and interaction on a smart phone compared to that of your website. These channels are extensions of your brand identity and must reflect that. 

Your customers’ experience with your organisation goes beyond your website. People need to feel that they are being treated the same way across different channels, whether it's a customer service contact centre call, social media or live chat. Consistency is key but it's important to recognise that these channels are different and the goal should be to lead a customer to a solution or resolution no matter the path they choose. The alternative is risking bewildering those who prefer live chat from a phone call.

This entire process takes a bit of time, money and effort; among other solutions, Fifth Quadrant recommends that you integrate self-help FAQ into your digital strategy so that your customers can first attempt to resolve their queries and/or problems by themselves. Customer empowerment is a key solution, but it's not the only solution. Regardless, the more easily your customers get the information or resolution they need the more likely they are to become loyal to your company. An agent support should be only utilized if they cannot resolve their queries/problems by themselves.

There is always room for improvement

In order to accomplish the above, you need to constantly measure how every change impacts your business. If something is working, you need to build further on it, so that you can take customer experience to the next level. If something is affecting your business adversely, you need to analyze why it isn’t helping, before you make the decision to drop it completely. Sometimes a minor tweak might be all it takes to get back on track for better customer experience. As a professor of mine once boldly announced at the start of a lecture so many years ago, "what gets measured, gets done." 

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Written by Brad Arsenault

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