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Oracle Cloud Platform Comes to Australia

Only Vendor in Australia to Offer Full Suite of Enterprise SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Cloud Services for Customers Digital Transformation

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, February 14, 2017 – Oracle today announced the expansion of its cloud coverage in Australia, bringing its most popular enterprise-class, Oracle Cloud Platform services to the Australian market. Coupled with recently announced infrastructure investments in the US and EMEA, this sees a doubling of regional presence for Oracle’s cloud platform in the last 24 months.

Oracle has offered its successful SaaS offerings across Finance, HR and Marketing out of Australia since 2012.  The expansion now adds Oracle’s PaaS and IaaS services.  Focused initially around data management, application development and integration, as well as compute and storage, they will help users to reduce cost and complexity, utilise digital solutions and innovate to modernise and transform their businesses.  

“Innovation and agility are pre-requisites for business in Australia,” said Rob Willis, regional managing director at Oracle Australia and New Zealand. “This expansion in the local cloud market reflects our commitment to meet growing customer demand for new solutions as they seek to transform and boost their competitive advantage.  We are the only vendor to offer Australian customers a full-stack Platform cloud service, giving customers unprecedented choice and flexibility in how they work. With the availability of the Sydney Region, we expect to see an even faster adoption of services locally, as well as throughout the rest of APAC, given its proximity to Sydney as a hub.”

Added Choice

The expansion of Oracle’s IaaS and PaaS services gives customers in Australia additional choice and flexibility.  Oracle’s IaaS enables customers to deploy both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on the cloud.  As well as delivering the advantages of lower latency and local data residency, customers will also benefit from the full integration Oracle Cloud enables.  For example, spinning up new application development on IaaS; integrating that with database management PaaS services; or extending existing SaaS offerings to enable them better address business needs.    

In addition, users already had the choice to use Oracle Cloud at Customer to deploy Oracle Cloud Machine for IaaS and PaaS services within their own data centers.  Complementing these services with the public expansion makes Oracle the only vendor to provide a true hybrid offering in this market.

Pent up demand

“When you look at cloud maturity in Asia Pacific, Australia is definitely the most mature, despite the fact that we are really only at the start of most companies’ cloud journey.  Having a local presence will make a lot of difference – there is still a strong preference for local delivery from both customers and partners.  We see it as a great addition to Oracle’s portfolio,” said Adrian Ho, Principal Analyst, Ovum.

Already a number of organisations have expressed interest in the availability of the new services, including Australian Finance Group (AFG), National Pharmacies and Suitebox.  

As Jaime Vogel, Chief Information Officer, AFG explained, “It goes without saying that as a modern finance company, technology is a critical component of our business.  So given all the benefits of cloud, and our continued focus on innovation to aid our continued growth and the growth of the 2,650 brokers who operate under our umbrella, cloud was a natural option for us. We have gone from being a company with legacy, on-premises computing, to the adoption of a full public cloud in around two years.  Having Oracle’s Platform and Infrastructure services available to us on-shore, to complement what we are already doing with Oracle’s locally delivered cloud applications, will offer us further opportunities to leverage all that the cloud offers around innovation, speed to market and staying ahead of the curve.”

Additionally, there has been strong interest from the channel community including from the likes of ASG Group, Avnet, Deloitte, Insight, NeoData Australia, NextGen and UXC Red Rock.  

This surge of interest is backed up by the Telsyte Australian Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Market Study 2017, which found the Australian IaaS market is set to grow from $621M in 2016 to reach $1.049 billion by 2020.  Drivers for this growing demand include big data analytics and storage, IoT, artificial intelligence and process digitisation as enterprises work towards modernising legacy systems and deploy new workloads. More than half of CIOs surveyed by Telsyte are planning to invest more in IaaS in the next 12 months.

“The local market is quickly adopting cloud services from other geographies; however, CIOs are willing to consider in-country options as a priority.  Telsyte research shows security and off-shore data location are two of the top concerns IT leaders have when it comes to public IaaS clouds,” Gedda says. “Add to this the many organisations not able to use cloud because the data is not hosted in Australia,” says Rodney Gedda, Telsyte Senior Analyst.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud, offering a complete range of services across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. It supports new cloud environments, existing ones, and hybrid, and all types of workloads, developers, and data.  The Oracle Cloud delivers nearly 1,000 SaaS applications and 50 enterprise-class PaaS and IaaS services to customers in more than 195 countries around the world, supporting 55 billion transactions each day.

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