ORIX Steers Data from 34,500 Vehicles into Unified Data Hub with Boomi Integration

Dell Boomi (Boomi) has announced that ORIX is automating the management of more than 34,500 vehicles for Australian organisations by connecting its operations using the Boomi integration platform. With a unified data environment, ORIX is improving the purchasing and financing experience of local customers, while also helping it deploy new services three times faster and reduce integration costs fivefold.ORIX deployed Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to connect its entire application and data environment. Boomi serves as the core engine for any data exchange for the company and its customers by linking its fleet management system, Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) and a number of bespoke applications into a single data hub for a reliable source of readily-accessible information.

“The market is driving ORIX to provide more and more digital services as the organisations we work with expect efficient tools for their own operations,” said Richard Hilliard, General Manager Technology & Innovation at ORIX. “When we looked at how we would achieve this, it became clear a strong data model underpinned by powerful integration would be central to delivering to these customer demands.

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“Boomi gives us internal process efficiency so we can easily manage large volumes of fleets for our customers. It has also underpinned new services, including a critical portal for the 2.1 million Australian SMEs which need added expertise in financing so they can run their businesses without a hitch.”

Key facts: 

  • Boomi gives ORIX a ‘best of both worlds’ deployment model, with its development environment in the cloud, and all operational elements on premises. Having its development decoupled makes code deployment simple and removes the need to introduce additional infrastructure, therefore reducing both opex and capex.
  • With its new integration capabilities, ORIX has been able to develop and launch a new vehicle acquisition and financing service, MOOV, designed specifically for SMEs. MOOV leverages data synchronised by Boomi to provide SMEs a low-touch digital platform so they can focus on their core business while ensuring critical documentation is completed accurately. 
  • The low-code design of the Boomi platform is the right fit for ORIX as the organisation is not required to hire integration specialists to create and manage integrations. As well as the significant cost savings this delivers, it also means ORIX is able to build interfaces up to three times faster (when compares to traditional integration options). 
  • With a strong mobile roadmap, ORIX will also use Boomi to manage data from future applications to consolidate and streamline the purchasing and financing process for its customers.

“Managing data associated with more than 34,500 vehicles can be a messy feat, particularly if that information is dispersed and inconsistent,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director APJ at Dell Boomi. “Having consolidated its applications within an easy-to-use integration platform, ORIX has quick access to reliable data with a few clicks. This means it can provide services much faster, while also minimising operational costs and therefore freeing up resources to provide even greater value to its customers.”


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