Retail Insights - Interview

Recently, Dr. Steve Nuttall, Director of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant sat down with Jerry Macey, Executive Manager, Industry Insights for a discussion on the CBA’s recent release of the 2nd Edition of the Retail Insights Report.

This podcast explores the report in greater detail as Jerry and Steve discuss what it means for Australian retail businesses. Together, Jerry and Steve ask why businesses with women in leadership roles are ahead of the CX pack? Why is offering an integrated, seamless, and personalised customer experience good for business?

Get the answers to these questions and more in this highly informative 35 minute exclusive interview. 

Brad Arsenault

Written by Brad Arsenault

Brad is the Head of Marketing at Fifth Quadrant. For over 16 years he's worked across digital marketing and content production. He actively publishes content on LinkedIn and Medium.

Topics: Customer experience retail insights omni-channel brand loyalty CX CX Articles & Insights

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