Smart WFM Launches Apitome Software Suite to Optimise Workforces

Las Vegas, US, October 01, 2019 – Australian Strategic HR workforce management consultancy, Smart WFM, has launched Apitome, a software suite designed to help businesses Align, Prepare, Implement, Track and Measure their workforce programs and processes. Smart WFM launched the software at the US HR Technology Conference opening in Las Vegas today. 

The software suite aims to tackle the increasing prevalence of poor strategic planning and other major issues businesses are facing in the age of digitisation, while increasing workforce productivity, compliance and visibility of cost.

“Apitome epitomises business software that enables organisations to quickly see what impact workforce changes may have on their business, based on their own actual business data,” said Jarrod McGrath, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Smart WFM.

Apitome is an out-of-the-box suite of software modules which can help organisations align their people initiatives with the business strategy to deliver transparent and measurable benefits to both the business and staff. 

“Only seven per cent of organisations1 worldwide know how to manage their workforces effectively and only eight per cent2 believe their business model will remain economically viable,” said McGrath. “This is extraordinary; businesses should be able to show stakeholders, from investors to frontline employees, how a workforce plan will benefit a business and those very stakeholders.”

Apitome is vendor-agnostic, cloud-driven and enables organisations to develop continually by establishing a baseline for people initiatives using actual business data. The initial module delivers the business case complete with metrics, benefits and measures.

For example, the suite enables visibility and better control over staffing costs and puts tools in place to enable all levels of staff to see the impact of these decisions on people’s experience and productivity.

“Productivity is an effective and widely-used measure of economic growth,” said McGrath. “Businesses are realising that empowering people to make informed decisions enables a more entrepreneurial mindset within the business leading to improved people and brand retention. 

“Businesses need to invest in their people technologies and empower their HR teams to deliver programs that meet the requirements of the digital age, enable transparency and provide measurable outcomes.”

Apitome was formally launched at the US HR Technology Conference being held in Las Vegas, October 1-4. 

For more information please visit the Smart WFM website or watch this video on the benefits of Apitome. 

About Smart WFM

Smart WFM is a global human resources (HR) consultancy specialising in empowering people to deliver business outcomes.  The company’s service offerings include advisory, implementation and support.  Smart WFM also offers the Apitome Software Suite designed to support the HR customer journey.  Smart WFM’s framework is defined in “The Digital Workforce”, a book written by Smart WFM founder and CEO, Jarrod McGrath.


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