Talos To Support How Organisations Administer Processes and Workflows

Sydney, 11 September 2019  - FTS Data & AI, part of the FTS Group, has launched a new sub-brand and suite of services focused on delivering robotic process automation solutions to enterprises which increasingly want to automate repeatable, predictable interactions in support of providing exceptional customer experiences.

The new brand known as Talos will provide solutions which leverage and complement FTS Data & AI’s expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence but address a different set of business concerns around process efficiency.  The new solutions aim to provide enterprise customers with faster and accurate customer engagement while providing workplaces with more engaged employees by automating routine processes such as customer resource management, claims applications and general ledger tasks.

The new Talos solutions include:

  • The RPA Kickstart service.  This service will help departments with guidance and advisory services to select target processes, build and test their first robot and then support deployment.  This will then be amplified with advice on ongoing management and monitoring.
  • The Case Management Director solution.  This will support organisations with using AI to automatically categorise and direct inbound cases to the most appropriate contact, directing information to the right systems and providing a resolution as fast and as automatically as possible.In addition, through Talos enterprises will also gain a UiPath license partner for Studio, Robots and Orchestrator.

James BeresfordJames Beresford, Practice Director, FTS Data & AI, says, “Talos’ RPA solutions aim to support customers in delivering faster, more efficient processes, capturing higher quality data, serving customers more rapidly and enabling employees to service instead of administer.

“We believe they will be highly prized in a workplace environment where repetitive, task-oriented business roles have already been rendered redundant by digitisation.  Indeed, increased adoption of RPA systems will see the vast bulk of the remainder disappear; a development which will make the size and face of tomorrow’s workforce very different from the past.

“However, released from the time consuming and tedious tasks RPA solutions are now able to take care of, employees will free to focus on more strategic initiatives, collaborate on business procedures and provide training to their colleagues when changes are made to processes.  Shifting the focus from managing data to creating value will be a benefit for them and the customers they’re there to serve.”

Management consultancy McKinsey noted in its 2017 report, Digital Australia: Seizing opportunities from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that fundamental changes are underway in the way in which organisations engage with their customers, develop and deliver products and services and plan and shape future workforces.

The report notes ‘a window of opportunity for Australian consumers, businesses and governments alike to profit from the wave of change being driven by this “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

“RPA is causing us to rethink how we administer business processes and workflows. It has the potential to greatly increase efficiency and take on a host of tasks that humans don’t want to do, or can do inaccurately.   We look forward to the positive impact that Talos will have in the Australian workplace,” says Beresford.

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