The Boring Art of Backups

I recently arrived at the tail end of a presentation about backups. Rebecca Fitzhugh, Principal Technologist at Rubrik was wrapping up a small group discussion and Q&A about Rubrik technology and for me the final take-away message was simply, the practice of backing up should be boring. 

During the final leg of a three month tour that has included most major cities in Australia, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rubrik representatives, Chris Wahl, Chief Technologist, Rebecca Fitzhugh, Principal Technologist, and Luke McGoldrick, Country Manger A/NZ for a brief lunch and discussion about the company's global roadshow, challenges and opportunities for the business and more about the company's technology offerings in A/NZ

If you're not familiar with Rubrik, it wouldn't surprise me. Rubrik is a cloud data management company that was founded in the US in late 2013. The company on-boarded its first Australian customer in 2015 and through a rapid global growth strategy is today worth over $3.3 billion USD. But Rubrik is one of those behind-the-scenes sort of business that tends to disappear into the wiring of your organisation's technology.

Set it and leave it alone. It's not about the back up 

According to McGoldrick, "From a local perspective, we started out as a company that really was just trying to do better backup at scale leveraging AWS for long term retention with an API driven software fabric, you know, and as the product morphed over time, I go back and I look at some of the successful sales engagement we've had. I go back in three or six months and ask the customer, 'Why did you buy us?'. They never say, 'Oh, I wanted a backup product'."

In late 2018, Rubrik released Andes 5.0, its flagship Cloud Data Management platform which delivers a single software solution to protect, automate and govern applications and data across data centres and cloud environments. 


McGoldrick went on to outline key challenges facing Rubrik and they're mainly centred around legacy systems. This is really where Rubrik is making great strides and helping customers. Thus Rubrik is more than up to the challenge of helping businesses along their digital journey. In short, according to McGoldrick, customers don't come to Rubrik looking for backup solutions rather they come to Rubrik with an assortment of other needs and desired outcomes for data and backing up is often a matter of compliance.

Future State

According to Fitzhugh, the future of technology adoption, namely cloud and automation workflows is bright for Australian businesses. When asked about the level of adoption and how Australian businesses compared with the US with respect to roadmapping and strategising their digital transformation projects, Australia is ahead of the game.

One of the main reasons for Australia being positioned ahead the US, according to McGoldrick are regulations. Good or bad, Australia is still largely unregulated from a security and cloud deployment perspective and when compared to the United States this freedom creates an opportunity for organisations to explore different technology mixes. 

The hype around cloud migration has largely settled. Just a short time ago, many of us can recall the great marketing push for all things cloud. Businesses are now focused on hybrid solutions as part of their digital strategy and being "cloud intent rather than cloud first," according to McGoldrick. 

In recent research from emerging technology analyst firm, Telsyte, the cloud market continues to boom with organisations spending $688 million in 2018, a figure expected to reach around $1.2 billion by 2022 sourced from the Telsyte Australian Cloud Market Study 2019.

Rubrik's team seem well supported by the numbers coming from analyst firms like Telsyte which also report that organisations which "have adopted cloud computing, 43 per cent plan to increase spend on cloud infrastructure as more experiment with multiple platforms."

For the here and now, cloud continues to be an ever expanding business that is firmly planted itself in digital strategies across Australian organisations. The art of backing up, however, remains a hidden art and something every organisation needs but care little for how it's accomplished as long as it's done right and complies with whatever policies are in place. 

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