The iPhone X and facial recognition - implications for CX and privacy

 On Tuesday, September 12th all eyes were on the newly completed campus, "Apple Park."

Nicknamed "the spaceship", our first proper look inside the campus would have been an event in itself for any other company. But Apple isn't just any other company, and on this occasion, they were unveiling something much more important: new iPhones. Apple inspires the kind of brand loyalty and advocacy that other companies dream of and the release of new iPhones – especially whole new models rather than "S" upgrades - have become the Holy Grail of Apple fandom.

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3 Technologies Reshaping Customer Experience in Australian Banking

Australians are often credited with being early adopters of technology so it should come as no surprise that Australian banks are world leaders when it comes to embracing the move towards digital. In this article, we'll look Australia's early adopter status and then examine three technologies – or “fintech” - that are reshaping customer experience (CX) in Australian banking.

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