Oops. There goes another customer.

A few ideas on reducing churn and improving customer experience.

According to research conducted by our team at Fifth Quadrant, nearly half of customers think that their chances are poor of them reaching a ‘good’ customer service representative, basically one that will resolve their problem or answer their query. The reason isn’t as clear cut as one might think – many large companies are off-shoring their contact centre representatives to 'low-cost destinations' like India, Philippines and Fiji to name a few, where the agents are often viewed as inexperienced or lacking communication skills.

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Do loyalty programs work for millennials?

Today's loyalty programs need to resonate with millennials and speak to their values.

There have been enough reports and surveys that indicate how millennials are some of the most socially connected and loyal customers around. They are particular about the quality of the products they buy and are even more particular about corporate social conscience. Apparently, they are also concerned about developing meaningful connections with their brand, which plays a key role in driving them towards making a purchase.

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Retail Insights - Interview

Recently, Dr. Steve Nuttall, Director of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant sat down with Jerry Macey, Executive Manager, Industry Insights for a discussion on the CBA’s recent release of the 2nd Edition of the Retail Insights Report.

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Can better passenger lounges improve Customer Experience?

As an added feature to their customer loyalty programs, more and more carriers are improving their passengers' customer experience (CX) by upgrading existing airport lounges, which they have increasingly come to regard as a key part of their CX ecosystem.

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76% of SE Asian Customers Switch Brands After 1 Bad Customer Experience

Brand abandonment and customer service are closely linked. Organisations that fail to deliver positive customer experiences face the threat of losing customers to their competitors. While the impact of CX on customer loyalty is not lost on organisations, the extent of abandonment may come as a surprise. 

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