5 Tips For Call Centres To Ensure Millennials Have A Good Call-In Experience

It goes without saying that when you have a good experience with a brand, be it in a store, online or via a call centre, that you have a positive feeling towards the brand or company as a whole.

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How gamifying the call centre could lower employee churn and improve service delivery

Contact centre agents frequently view their work as repetitive and unsatisfying but turning toiling on the telephone into a game may modify this perception and give service levels a boost.

The call centre sector represents big business in Australia – it employs more than 250,000 people, across a gamut of industries, according to latest data from CX Central.

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Are Australian contact centres keeping pace with innovation?

Although Australians have a reputation for being early adopters of technology, recent research by Fifth Quadrant indicates that Australian contact centres may be struggling to keep pace with innovations taking place globally.

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Improving customer service through a better understanding of context

By Maurizio Canton, EMEA Chief Technology Officer at TIBCO Software

Becoming more customer focused is a goal shared by many financial organisations, but reaching that goal has recently become more complex. In fact, the rule book has essentially been torn up. 

In the past, it was sufficient for a business to create a product or service and then seek out customers who would be likely to want it. Now this has changed as businesses must adjust, react to shifting consumer demands, and deliver an engaging experience if they are to compete and drive revenue and profitability.

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Harnessing the benefits of the multimodal contact centre

Modern contact centres can handle a range of different communication channels, however very few centres are enjoying the business benefits that this ability can deliver.

Customers want to be able to interact with a business in a variety of ways. Some want a voice call while others prefer to interact using email or text messages. Increasingly, chat sessions and social media are also becoming widely used. Any business that does not offer a range of options when it comes to communication risks losing its customers to one that does.

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Oops. There goes another customer.

A few ideas on reducing churn and improving customer experience.

According to research conducted by our team at Fifth Quadrant, nearly half of customers think that their chances are poor of them reaching a ‘good’ customer service representative, basically one that will resolve their problem or answer their query. The reason isn’t as clear cut as one might think – many large companies are off-shoring their contact centre representatives to 'low-cost destinations' like India, Philippines and Fiji to name a few, where the agents are often viewed as inexperienced or lacking communication skills.

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Toowoomba Regional Council Signs Managed Contact Centre Services Contract with QPC

Brisbane, 26 September 2016 – QPC, the specialist contact centre services and solutions company, has won a contract to supply a comprehensive suite of managed services to provide ongoing support for contact centre and telephony applications infrastructure at Toowoomba Regional Council.

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