Digital Transformation: Interview with Auto & General CIO, Paul Malt

Recently, Dr. Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant spoke with Paul Malt, CIO of Auto & General. Listen and learn more about A&G's recent digital transformation and how the organisation is taking control of the omni-channel and putting the customer first in part using Avaya's Breeze technology.

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One on one chat with Catriona Wallace, CEO

This week, Fifth Quadrant's Head of CX Research, Dr. Steve Nuttall, sat down with founder and CEO Dr. Catriona Wallace for a one-on-one chat about her experience starting up and taking it to the US and globally.

Listen as Steve also dives into how Flamingo is redefining the intelligent assistant and what the rise of AI means for FinTech both in the US and Australia.

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Do loyalty programs work for millennials?

Today's loyalty programs need to resonate with millennials and speak to their values.

There have been enough reports and surveys that indicate how millennials are some of the most socially connected and loyal customers around. They are particular about the quality of the products they buy and are even more particular about corporate social conscience. Apparently, they are also concerned about developing meaningful connections with their brand, which plays a key role in driving them towards making a purchase.

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Big Data Use To Improve Customer Experience

Lazada, the Singapore-based retail e-commerce giant, is using big data to improve the customer experience (CX) of their shoppers by analysing their profiles and retail shopping habits. This allows them to target their marketing and advertising campaigns at those who are likely to be most interested in the offering - an enormous return on investment when tracking spending. They are also able to make better product recommendations to their users, and improve their product range if there is substantial demand in a particular category.

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A Customer Journey Map Is Essential - Here's Why

Creating a simplified view of a complex process

Customer journey maps have been used for many years by organisations to gain a more accurate understanding of what the customer goes through when dealing with the company. Most organisations may use a simple diagram to illustrate the customer's experience, right from the initial contact, to the process of engaging with company associates, all the way through to developing a long-term relationship.

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Creating a Customer Centric Culture

Customer experience is a big priority for a growing number of businesses around the world. Reports from Fifth Quadrant, an Australian CX consultancy and research firm has shown that most companies say customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity in 2016. An earlier survey by Fifth Quadrant’s Head of CX Research, Steve Nuttall had also found that nearly 60% of customers are ready to pay extra for better experience with a brand. 

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4 Outcomes of Customer Experience Technology

As organisations understand that customer experience is a critical basis for competitive differentiation, they can be expected to increase their investment in CX technology.  With the arc of customer expectations continuing to rise, organisations have started investing in CX technologies at a rapid pace. The customer outcomes of CX technologies cannot be ignored, and as such, failing to invest even in foundational solutions that lay a groundwork for transition to transformatory customer models, can weaken competitiveness.

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