Improving customer service through a better understanding of context

By Maurizio Canton, EMEA Chief Technology Officer at TIBCO Software

Becoming more customer focused is a goal shared by many financial organisations, but reaching that goal has recently become more complex. In fact, the rule book has essentially been torn up. 

In the past, it was sufficient for a business to create a product or service and then seek out customers who would be likely to want it. Now this has changed as businesses must adjust, react to shifting consumer demands, and deliver an engaging experience if they are to compete and drive revenue and profitability.

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Beyond Omni-channel: A more effective way to increase customer engagement

Often the go-to strategy for contact centre operators, omnichannel involves interacting with customers via the communications channel they prefer and at the time they wish to do so. The channel could be a mobile device, a call centre, a website or even a bricks-and-mortar store.

The challenge for businesses is to ensure that customers receive a consistent level of services regardless of the channel they select. The channels must also be usable throughout all the various stages of an interaction. Starting with pre-purchase and then moving to purchase, delivery and post purchase, the channels effectively become a window into the customer journey.

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Avaya Advances the Digital Transformation Imperative with New Customer Engagement Cloud Solutions

Company sees growing global adoption of Avaya Oceana as enterprise customers seek to manage and deliver exceptional personalised customer experiences

Call Center Week, Las Vegas – June 27, 2017 - Avaya today unveiled Avaya Customer Engagement Cloud solutions, a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities and services to help businesses keep customers engaged, happy and coming back. Comprised of Avaya Oceana for omni-channel customer engagement and built on Avaya Breeze, Customer Engagement Cloud solutions provide the flexibility required for adopting and integrating new digital technologies through a portfolio of hybrid, public and private cloud offers and developer tools.

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