Aged Care In Australia

The aged care industry is in a period of sustained change. Changes to legislation, increasing security threats, demands for greater transparency, increasing consumer demands for better CX mean that the industry has no choice but to adapt. 

Dr Kevin Cheng, Founder, Osana, says his company aims to fundamentally disrupt how primary care operates and is funded, by shifting the focus from activity-based care (number of patients and consultations) to providing good health outcomes. So what does disruption look like for Australia's aged care industry?

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Flamingo Ai Launches World’s First Out-of-the-Box Cognitive Virtual Assistant For Auto Insurance

SYDNEY, 11 December 2018, Flamingo Ai Limited (ASX: FGO), the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company and provider of Cognitive Virtual Assistant and Knowledge Analysis, Management and Retrieval technologies, has announced the launch of MAGGIE for Auto Insurance, a Cognitive Virtual Inquiry Assistant that assists customers and employees with inquires related to auto insurance.

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US CX Expert on Five Steps to Improving Trustability

Rising customer expectations in an increasingly transparent age have permanently altered the competitive landscape, according to Dr Martha Rogers, a US author, speaker and customer experience (CX) expert. 

“Transparency is something we can’t avoid,” Dr Rogers says. “It is like disinfectant for business – it will clean it, but first it will sting like hell.” 

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I Can't Remember the Title but the Cover is Blue - Review

Whenever an opportunity presents itself to help a friend through the work I do, I’m always happy to jump in. Last week I attended a book signing for a new book release that is already receiving high accolades from reviewers and critics across the country. I Can’t Remember the Title but the Cover is Blue: Sketches from the other side of the bookshop counter by Elias Greig is a brilliantly satisfying snapshot from the flip side of customer service.

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Are you giving a FCX? Brands must embrace female customer experience, expert says

Gender intelligence expert Bec Brideson says many brands are trapped in an outdated “legacy lens” and need to move towards a “dual lens” that properly speaks to and engages with females. According to Brideson, by not embracing female customer experience (FCX) organisations are being left in the past - and missing out large potential revenues in the process.

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Competitive And Relevant - The Business Of Education In Australia

Education in Australia is and will likely remain a contentious issue into the foreseeable future. In a recent roundtable discussion with experts from Jamf, Frost and Sullivan, Tribal Group and Ricoh, concerns were raised over the fragmented nature of the education sector in Australia and what’s riding on it to remain competitive, relevant and deliver a greater CX in such a highly competitive market.

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Design, people and technology must come together for sustainable, innovative health and aged care: Panel

Sydney, 12 November 2018 - Australia’s health and aged care sector is undergoing a period of sustained and unprecedented change; and better facility design, new technology and improved processes must unite to drive innovation and improve affordability.  That’s according to a panel of industry experts speaking in Sydney today.

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5 Tips For Call Centres To Ensure Millennials Have A Good Call-In Experience

It goes without saying that when you have a good experience with a brand, be it in a store, online or via a call centre, that you have a positive feeling towards the brand or company as a whole.

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VoiceFoundry & Amazon partner with Vision Australia to enhance CX for vision impaired staff

Sydney, Australia – 29 October 2018 VoiceFoundry, a principal provider of cloud-based contact centre solutions with a unique focus on customer experience and automation in Asia Pacific, North America and the United Kingdom today announced the launch of an Amazon Connect Accessible Agent Desktop for vision impaired contact centre agents at Vision Australia.

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Macquarie Telecom CEO Urges Industry to Improve CX

Macquarie Telecom Group announced its results for the fiscal year ended 30 June 2018 last Wednesday. In contrast with the some of the recent poor results and negative sentiment in Australia's telco sector, MTG boasted a full year revenue increase of 6 per cent, cementing a fourth successive year of strong profit growth.

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