CX Toolkit: The Difference Between Personas and Empathy Mapping and How to Combine Them

Personas and empathy mapping are CX tools which share the common goal of helping you to better understand your customers. As the importance of highly personalised and even predictive experiences rises across channels, the ability to leverage these tools is becoming critically important.

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Design, people and technology must come together for sustainable, innovative health and aged care: Panel

Sydney, 12 November 2018 - Australia’s health and aged care sector is undergoing a period of sustained and unprecedented change; and better facility design, new technology and improved processes must unite to drive innovation and improve affordability.  That’s according to a panel of industry experts speaking in Sydney today.

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Even Cybercriminals Know the Importance of Great CX

In roughly a decade, ransomware has become the weapon of choice for cybercriminals looking to extort money from their victims. It’s easy to think of the people behind these crimes as ruthless villains. But as one recent study shows, even ransomware groups are now becoming aware of the importance of giving people great customer experience (CX).

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