I Can't Remember the Title but the Cover is Blue - Review

Whenever an opportunity presents itself to help a friend through the work I do, I’m always happy to jump in. Last week I attended a book signing for a new book release that is already receiving high accolades from reviewers and critics across the country. I Can’t Remember the Title but the Cover is Blue: Sketches from the other side of the bookshop counter by Elias Greig is a brilliantly satisfying snapshot from the flip side of customer service.

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7 Ways Airlines Worldwide Are Lifting Their CX Game

Airlines have long struggled with customer satisfaction issues and in recent times we have seen an increasing number of horror stories linked to air travel customer experience (CX), from racism, to forcible removals and the recent death of a passenger’s dog. Granted, all of these examples were from the US so it isn’t surprising that airlines are in the bottom third of industries tracked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. But they can serve as a guide on, what not to do for Australian airlines.

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You Could Use a Guinness Right About Now!

Maintaining A Human Touch In The Digital Era

Let the Prophets Speak

It's often said that life imitates art and there are two scenes in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report that have become particularly prophetic in the marketing world.

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QPC Expands Queensland Sales and Support Operations to Support Customer Growth Momentum

Brisbane, 24 October 2016 – QPC, the specialist contact centre services and solutions company, has announced two new senior Brisbane-based executive appointments to support the company’s ongoing momentum in underpinning the customer experience contact centre operations of its growing Queensland public and private sector client base.

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Service Design: A Customer Experience Discipline Not to be Missed

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of creating a greater and more seamless Customer Experience (CX). The success of your business is dependent on customers and even the slightest frustration along a customer experience journey can lead to brand abandonment and have a significant impact on the bottom line. However, when it comes to actually putting customer experience into practice, we start to see some disparities.

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New Findings Into Customer Experience in Australia & New Zealand

Why are consumers saying their customer experiences have worsened?

There is a significant focus in many businesses around customer experience and customer retention. Yet consumers say that they still have trouble connecting to a representative who can help them. Many consumers are walking away from businesses who deliver poor service. in fact, recent research show that up to 90% of consumers in Australia and New Zealand have done so in the past 12 months.

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Creating a Customer Centric Culture

Customer experience is a big priority for a growing number of businesses around the world. Reports from Fifth Quadrant, an Australian CX consultancy and research firm has shown that most companies say customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity in 2016. An earlier survey by Fifth Quadrant’s Head of CX Research, Steve Nuttall had also found that nearly 60% of customers are ready to pay extra for better experience with a brand. 

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Facebook Messenger Chatbots Redefining Customer Service

There are 900+ million Messenger users worldwide

There were 11K chatbots using Messenger as of mid May 2016

The lines between human and machine are blurring and the next evolution of the machine is on the horizon - chatbots are computer programs that incorporate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to mimic a human interaction. You’ve likely already encountered a chatbot perhaps on a recent call or live help, text support session with a company for online customer service, support or assistance. Facebook has integrated chatbot technology into Messenger, and if you’re wondering why it’s been a really big deal and causing ripples worldwide, it’s because it is now in a position start changing the way small and medium business interact with customers.

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