Design, people and technology must come together for sustainable, innovative health and aged care: Panel

Sydney, 12 November 2018 - Australia’s health and aged care sector is undergoing a period of sustained and unprecedented change; and better facility design, new technology and improved processes must unite to drive innovation and improve affordability.  That’s according to a panel of industry experts speaking in Sydney today.

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Almost one in three businesses see Australia as a prime target for cyber- attacks

Sydney, 7 November 2018 – Almost one in three businesses believe Australia is more at risk of cyber- attacks than the rest of the world, and the majority aren't "very confident" they could stop a breach, a new survey commissioned by Aura Information Security – the independent security division of mission-critical technology solutions provider Kordia – has found.

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Ping Identity Issues Best Practices in Recognition of Australia’s National Privacy Awareness Week

SYDNEY, 14 May 2018 — Ping Identity, the leader in Identity Defined Security, today issued seven best practices for managing security and privacy in observation of Privacy Awareness Week taking place this week. The annual initiative promotes and raises awareness of privacy issues, as well as the importance of protecting personal information. 

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LogRhythm Reveals Eight Security Predictions for 2018

Simon Howe, Director of Sales Australia and New Zealand, LogRhythm, said, “For enterprises, the main concern for security is securing and protecting the organisation’s valuable assets. This has mostly been achieved this year through visibility of what has been stopped and responsiveness to new or emerging threats. WannaCry is a good example of security professionals having been able to demonstrate their preparedness to deal with a simple threat.

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Malwarebytes 7 Security Predictions for 2018

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Nov. 21, 2017 – Malwarebytes, the leading advanced malware prevention and remediation solution, today announced its 2018 cybersecurity predictions. The company predicts top threats in 2018 will include a rise in browser-based cryptojacking, PowerShell-based attacks, hackers using security software as a back door, adaptive worm functionality and the growing connectivity in all industries, with both the education and healthcare sectors increasingly targeted.

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My voice is my passport, verify me - Future of Authentication

Single authentication protocols. Pipe dream or not too distant future reality?

One of my favourite films is the 1992 crime thriller, Sneakers starring Robert Redford partnered with a brilliant cast of A-list actors. The film is about a group of security consultants from various backgrounds who’ve been tasked to steal a code breaking device - an algorithm that can crack any password. The villain of the film, Cosmo, played by the amazing Ben Kingsley, recognises that due to poor passwords he can change the world and topple economic systems using this algorithm in the device. Funnily enough, Cosmo’s own fortress - a toy design business - is protected with voice biometrics. 

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The iPhone X and facial recognition - implications for CX and privacy

 On Tuesday, September 12th all eyes were on the newly completed campus, "Apple Park."

Nicknamed "the spaceship", our first proper look inside the campus would have been an event in itself for any other company. But Apple isn't just any other company, and on this occasion, they were unveiling something much more important: new iPhones. Apple inspires the kind of brand loyalty and advocacy that other companies dream of and the release of new iPhones – especially whole new models rather than "S" upgrades - have become the Holy Grail of Apple fandom.

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Even Cybercriminals Know the Importance of Great CX

In roughly a decade, ransomware has become the weapon of choice for cybercriminals looking to extort money from their victims. It’s easy to think of the people behind these crimes as ruthless villains. But as one recent study shows, even ransomware groups are now becoming aware of the importance of giving people great customer experience (CX).

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5 Cloud Takeaways That Are Changing The World Of ITSM

IT Service Management (ITSM) is set for an interesting journey as it moves into the cloud and evolves to support a mobile workforce. Help desks will have to adapt as end users’ expectations of ITSM solutions start to mirror those of consumer applications. 

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Gambling with your customers’ security: challenges facing today’s SMBs

As marketers love to point out, we are living in "The Age of the Customer", a time when Customer Experience (CX) has risen to the forefront of brands' survival in the digital world.

In the last few years, the rise of mobile, technology savvy customers with increasingly high expectations has changed the business landscape significantly. As well as having access to more information, today's customers are vocal and unafraid to use social media to advocate or vilify brands.

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