Optimise Your Organization’s Digital & Mobile Customer Experience

It is very well known that you need to be delivering a consistent customer experience if you want the best out of your digital strategy. This means that the digital experience has to be the same for the customer across all devices and channels.

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Digital Transformation: Interview with Auto & General CIO, Paul Malt

Recently, Dr. Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant spoke with Paul Malt, CIO of Auto & General. Listen and learn more about A&G's recent digital transformation and how the organisation is taking control of the omni-channel and putting the customer first in part using Avaya's Breeze technology.

Topics: Customer experience customer centric digital transformation

4 Key Drivers for Your Digital Transformation Strategy

“A man is only as good as his tools.” - Emmert Wolf

Every business organisation either uses the tools available in the market or develops their own tools to meet their objectives. Creating effective systems are vital to making proper use of the available resources and maximising the efficiency in a business, helping it gain an edge against competitors. However, technology improves every single day, keeping up with the best that science has to offer ensures that you stay ahead in an unending race. In fact, surveys have shown that nearly one out of three senior executives believe that Digital Transformation is needed for survival, and around 70% of the organisations surveyed are currently pursuing it. Given below are some of the primary reasons that companies all around the world are trying to improve their digital technologies.

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