When it comes to chatbots, don’t bamboozle your customers

Nobody likes getting bamboozled.

In the world of customer experience (CX), trust is a major currency and is frequently ranked as the most important attribute a brand can cultivate in its customers.

When your customers trust you, they are more likely to buy your products or services, refer you to a friend, share information with you, and even forgive you when you have that one PR nightmare.

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Retail CX: What do Millennials want?

Retail is changing. On top of the rising popularity of online shopping there is also a tectonic demographic shift taking place. As Baby Boomers retire and the remaining Generation Xers enter their 40s, Millennials are beginning to enter the mid-stage of their career. As a result, their buying power is increasing and they are changing the retail game.

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Retail CX: Differentiate And Don't Ignore The Basics

Retail is currently in a state of upheaval both globally and here in Australia. Facing weakening growth, changing customer expectations and increasing competition online brick-and-mortar retailers must explore customer experience (CX) strategies that will allow them to thrive, and, in some cases, survive.

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Welcome to the Jungle: Experiential Retail in the Age of Amazon

It's no secret that online retail has been growing in recent years. Across the globe, the trend towards online retailing has resulted in the mass closure of physical stores, and for many brick and mortar retailers to rethink their strategies. 

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