11 CX Experts Predict the Future

For the second year running, artificial intelligence (AI) was the hottest topic in the world of customer experience (CX) in 2019.

You don’t have to look far to find major players touting AI-driven CX as the next big thing. For example, IBM recently published a report which predicts that AI will unleash a new approach to CX strategy, design and development. IBM calls the shift a ‘seismic’ one, comparing it to the changes that were ushered in during the 1990s at the advent of the internet.

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Avaya Targets Australia’s Midmarket with Cloud UC and CC Launch

Sydney, Australia, March 5, 2018Avaya has launched its ‘Powered by Avaya’ cloud offering in Australia, providing a simple and flexible way for midmarket companies to migrate to cloud-based solutions across unified communications (UC) and contact centre (CC).

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Cloud computing company Nutanix shares its predictions for 2018

It's that time of year again.

All over the world, experts, thought leaders, and pundits are weighing in with their predictions for 2018. We have already discussed some of Fifth Quadrants predictions relating to the year in Customer Experience (CX), and some of the technology that will shape it. To add to this, U.S based cloud computing company Nutanix (NASDAQ:NTNX) has shared some of its predictions for the year.

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TaaS: What it Means for Oil & the Australian Consumer

State of the Nation

Today, there are over 250 million registered vehicles on the road in the U.S. and, although electric vehicles such as the Tesla may be gaining ground, 99.9% of them are still petrol-powered. Along with the U.S., Australia also boasts a high number of motor vehicles per capita. According to 2014 research by NationMaster, the U.S. was ranked third in the world with 797 motor vehicles per 1,000 people, and Australia was seventh with 717.

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Australia’s Thought Leaders Weigh In On Future of AI, Bots, VR & AR - CX in 2017

We reached out to: Microsoft, LogMeIn, Oracle, Verint and Flamingo - Here's what the CX experts had to say.

Each year our team of customer experience (CX) experts look to the future and make their predictions on how they see CX evolving. Attempting to peer into long-term technological and economic development is often a futile exercise considering the sheer amount of disruption various industries have gone through in the last decade, so we’ve generally found looking at the next couple of years is a bit more reasonable. Surely even Nostradamus today would find the changing tech world a serious hindrance to his ability to effectively predict the future.

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Connected Cars An Evolving Part Of Our Internet Of Things - IoT

One of the earliest versions of vehicle telematics systems was OnStar, introduced by General Motors in the mid-1990s. It was connected to various vehicle sensors and had a wireless data modem, replete with a backup battery, and of course GPS. In the event of a crash or accident, as determined by one of the vehicle’s sensors, the vehicle telematics system would transmit the information to an OnStar contact centre, at which point a call centre specialist would contact the driver/occupants through the telematics system to find out more about the accident (and also reassure them that help was on the way). Simultaneously, an emergency services call (similar to 911 in the USA) would be made by the call center, relaying the location of the vehicle.

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Making the connection - the Industrial Internet of Things

18 November 2016 A 5G cellular network that supports the trillions of interconnected devices predicted to be in use in the coming few years is being designed by telecommunications specialists at the University of Sydney. The 5G network will be dedicated to supporting the “Industrial internet of Things” (IIoT).

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