CX Toolkit: The Difference Between Personas and Empathy Mapping and How to Combine Them

Personas and empathy mapping are CX tools which share the common goal of helping you to better understand your customers. As the importance of highly personalised and even predictive experiences rises across channels, the ability to leverage these tools is becoming critically important.

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Add to Cart: The Importance of CX in Higher Education

Today's students are non-traditional in the sense that they bring a consumer mindset to the higher education system. Given that they are used to a well-honed Customer Experience (CX) which they've already generally discovered in the "real world", they thus expect something more personalised and customised from education institutions.

In other words, students of today expect their experience with universities to match up with the level of service that they receive in the consumer world. But should they? And is it even possible?

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Tips to Creating a Balanced Omni-Channel

We’ve reached a tipping point in delivering digital customer experience.

From the published results of a 2016 global research paper by Opinium for Verint on customer experience in Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), when customers were asked to, “select the preferred method you currently use to interact with your service provider,” it was found that the majority of people (24%) still prefer contacting businesses or organisations by phone. While 19% preferred to physically walk into a store to engage with a service representative, and finally only 10% preferred using email.

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3 Factors That Affect Customer Experience Testing

It’s common for businesses to fall into a trap of complacency. They see what works for them and they adopt it for extended periods of time. Adopting a routine keeps things stable, but the business landscape changes more often than not. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of what’s happening in the world of the customer in order to keep your business relevant.

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A Customer Journey Map Is Essential - Here's Why

Creating a simplified view of a complex process

Customer journey maps have been used for many years by organisations to gain a more accurate understanding of what the customer goes through when dealing with the company. Most organisations may use a simple diagram to illustrate the customer's experience, right from the initial contact, to the process of engaging with company associates, all the way through to developing a long-term relationship.

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