Retail Sales the Bright Light as Business and Consumer Confidence Fall

The latest updates to our Recovery Playbook are in line with the worsening results we see in our COVID-19 SME Sentiment Tracker, clearly demonstrating the impact the second wave of outbreaks is having on consumer and business confidence. 

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Welcome to the Jungle: Experiential Retail in the Age of Amazon

It's no secret that online retail has been growing in recent years. Across the globe, the trend towards online retailing has resulted in the mass closure of physical stores, and for many brick and mortar retailers to rethink their strategies. 

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Why It’s Still Day 1 for Amazon in Australia

It's no secret that Amazon's much-lauded launch in Australia last November was a little underwhelming. In the weeks leading up to the launch, local media outlets feverishly covered Amazon's arrival, creating a hype that the online retailing giant could never hope to live up to.

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Retail Insights - Interview

Recently, Dr. Steve Nuttall, Director of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant sat down with Jerry Macey, Executive Manager, Industry Insights for a discussion on the CBA’s recent release of the 2nd Edition of the Retail Insights Report.

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Aug-mental Reality: Pokémon and the AR Retail Conundrum

My coworkers have lost their minds. As I entered the elevator yesterday morning after having picked up my morning Sumatran brew from the cafe on the first floor, a young businessman quickly hopped in the lift behind three of us who had already taken up residency each of us gripping our choice of morning medicine from the cafe.

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76% of SE Asian Customers Switch Brands After 1 Bad Customer Experience

Brand abandonment and customer service are closely linked. Organisations that fail to deliver positive customer experiences face the threat of losing customers to their competitors. While the impact of CX on customer loyalty is not lost on organisations, the extent of abandonment may come as a surprise. 

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4 Outcomes of Customer Experience Technology

As organisations understand that customer experience is a critical basis for competitive differentiation, they can be expected to increase their investment in CX technology.  With the arc of customer expectations continuing to rise, organisations have started investing in CX technologies at a rapid pace. The customer outcomes of CX technologies cannot be ignored, and as such, failing to invest even in foundational solutions that lay a groundwork for transition to transformatory customer models, can weaken competitiveness.

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