Helping Customers Navigate A Global Pandemic: Perspectives From NICE

As companies around the world figure out how to navigate a way through the SARS-COV2 pandemic, solutions that enable employees to rapidly transition to and effectively work from home have never been more critical.

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Voice communication on the decline in an omni-channel world

Voice is still the dominant channel for B2C communication however, based on current trends, it's likely to represent less than 50 per cent of all interactions within the next two years.

Motivated by the desire to improve service levels while also reducing costs, businesses are investing in alternatives such as email, chat and social as they strive to establish omni-channel contact centres to support their operations.

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Australia’s Thought Leaders Weigh In On Future of AI, Bots, VR & AR - CX in 2017

We reached out to: Microsoft, LogMeIn, Oracle, Verint and Flamingo - Here's what the CX experts had to say.

Each year our team of customer experience (CX) experts look to the future and make their predictions on how they see CX evolving. Attempting to peer into long-term technological and economic development is often a futile exercise considering the sheer amount of disruption various industries have gone through in the last decade, so we’ve generally found looking at the next couple of years is a bit more reasonable. Surely even Nostradamus today would find the changing tech world a serious hindrance to his ability to effectively predict the future.

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'Voice of Customer' & Its Importance In Customer Experience Delivery

The vast majority of business executives today claim that a critical aspect of their business is Customer Experience delivery (CX). According to Gartner, today 89% of companies surveyed are primarily competing on CX.

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